Monday, February 05, 2007

X Training

Today is a scheduled rest day. I have a feeling tomorrows 5k tempo workout is going to be killer so I have decided to stick with it being a "rest Day" From running and do some cross training. I couldnt get to the gym, but my lovely runners world magazines from January to March all have ATLEAST one workout in them. January was just Stretching, February was LEGS and ABS and March was Just Healthy Knee Building Excersizes. So I Did ABS and LEGS From February and a couple of the Healthy Knee Excersizes because goodness knows that I could use it. So I did those for Strength Training, and then I danced around my house like an idiot for about an hour. Hahaha Im soo funny, but who cares, I burned some major calories. (hahahaha)

I also today ate VERY well! I got up this morning and had oatmeal. Had a late morning snack of Carrots and Grapes, Lunch of Egg Salad Sandwhich, and Im having either pasta or Grilled Cheese for Dinner. And to top that off, at lunch when I dont have a spare the next period I am walking. Just to get the blood flowing and my body moving. I was feeling pretty crumby this morning during periods 1 and 2 but at lunch I went for a walk and I felt really good for the third period. When i have a spare period three and a class fourth I will be running at lunch and eating during my spare.

Hm, Oh and I applied for University today. I hope I get in!!

This cold weather is apparently not going to break until THURSDAY! But my mom is picking me up new winter tights so that my bottom wont freeze off! Ill tough it out you just wait and see!!

Race is in 97 DAYS!!! Ahhh!!!!!

Anyways, I have homework. This could be a LOONNGG Semester!

Hope all is Well



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