Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tempo Run//Disney Marathon

Wouldn't it be cool for my first marathon to be at Walt Disney World in Florida?? I think that would be FANTASTIC and the Running Room is trying to design a clinic for the Disney Marathon as a goal!!!!!! If you are interested email the Mississauga Running Room!!!

Anyways, Today's Tempo run was Fantabulous. We only did 3k and i did it in 16:31. My Garmin lost satelitte so I apparently only ran 125 METERS in 16ish minutes...hahah slow eh?? Well it was a good run!

I also found out that I may be in the wrong shoe and that my shin splints may be caused by too much stability and I should be in a cushioning shoes. Hmm interesting isn't it?? No. Not really since I have another pair of Ascis GT 2110s that I HAVENT EVEN WORN YET! And theyre not even returnable because they were on sale. Also it was suggested that I should get..."Realligned" by a chiropracter because my injury may have put my hips out of line and stuff...

Anyways I gotta go,

I have pain in my "Achilles Tendon" and I cannot figure out why. I have decided that before I think I need to have every possible injury :(*Thumbs Down*


At 12:24 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

I would be dreaming about running in Florida too if I was suffering through your temperatures!! Today Las Vegas has a High of 73 degrees Farenheit!!


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