Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rub A535

Tomorrow instead of doing my long run I will be making my way up to Barrie to go to a conference, and then go skiing. I have decided that I will get up and still do a long run. And I have also decided I may go Snow Tubing instead of skiing. Just as fun. Not as many calories but just as fun.

I have also been drinking atleast 2litres of water every single day for the past couple of days and it seems to be helping me. I havent drank much today and can tell that I need water due to headache.

Tendon still hurts. Well heel i mean because I dont know if its my tendon exactly. Cannot get to Running Room now until Tuesday. May try arch supports in my shoes. Mom is mad at m/e and doesnt think that I need a new pair of shoes and states, "Well Emily, What if you didnt have money to buy new shoes, what would you do then?" And Honestly Im not sure what I would do. Hmm. For now, I have been pretty much resting. Doing abs, and upper body, trying to keep fit. And of course slathering my poor heel in rub a535 and icing it and even resting it.

I went and saw my gym that will be hopefully opening this month. Not sure but theres a possibility for a receptionist job. That would be the coolest thing. My membership is covered and there is a discount possibly on personal training!! But we will see.

Things are pretty good. School sucks but whatever you gotta do what you gotta do. Im going to ask my boss from my other jobs if they will give me a good reference at the gym! Hopefully everyones training is going well. Im getting a little nervous to the fact that I cant run as much as I want to be.

This weeks TEMPO Run on Tuesday is 5k which is the longest tempo run to date! and...Yup
The end,


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