Monday, February 12, 2007

Week 4 off to a decent start

Note I say decent, not spectacular but pretty okay:)

Todays run was 6.9km. I changed up my route cause it was getting pretty boring. I did pretty much the same thing but added a mini loop into my big loop! Yeah. Thats a good way of describing it. Time: 47:17 Pace: 6:31/kilmoter. Average Heart Rate: 180 Cardiac Drift: 191. It was pretty easy aerobically. I experimented with strides and I found one that seems to work better. It is easier on the knees. Mind you I only kept it up for like 100m. I dont know if i could keep it up for a while. I just don't know.

My mom talked to Sue for me today. She thinks that I might need orthotics and will give my mom the number for someone tonight. And then I will call this person and see if they bill insurance directly and then I will have orthotics and will be completley pain free.
I hope. Anybody have experience with orthotics? She also said I should be careful and not overtrain, WHICH I AM NOT DOING!!! (look back to 'Lack of A weekly summary' if there is any discrepancies. )

Hmmm.I think that is all. Time for spagetti and Rub A535!

Stay Safe, Run Happy,

**Edit** My mother also told me that Sue said that runners are emotional and if you are working towards a certain goal that you have never met before, your emotions might cause you to get in the way. What I got from this is that Subconciously, I dont want to meet this goal, so my leg is hurting causing it to get in the way. Hmm. Any opinions on that.


At 10:15 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

I doubt your pain is psychological, but quite real. We all get residue soreness, but when a real hard torturous pain comes along...we recognize it for what it is, an injury. To non-runners, running one mile would be overdoing it!! Nope, from your last week summary you're not overtraining.


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