Friday, February 16, 2007

Serious Sweat

YUCK! Oh my gosh. I sweat like a water fountain. My gloves were soaked through. They were the light waterproof kind. Haha. Anyways.

I ran my 6km loop. Here are my "Splits" (<----LINGO!!!!)

Kilometer 1: 6:54 (warmup)
Kilometer 2: 5:58
Kilometer 3: 5:43
Kilometer 4: 5:34
Kilometer 5: 6:54(walk Break)
Kilometer 6: 5:58

I took a walk break at kilometer 5 cause it elt like someone was squeezing my chest. So i "listened" to my body. Hahaha.
I had a REALLY good stretch today. Haha ew. But so much sweat. My shins hurt, but everything else is okay i suppose.

Having a girls night!


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