Thursday, February 15, 2007

Possible Dilemma.

My Half Marathon is on Mother's Day. It is also apparently in my Swiss Chalet contract that I work Mother's Day. Well, we don't open at Swiss Chalet until 11 and my Half Marathon starts at 7:30am So I'll finish at the latest at 10am. Okay, well that is not the point. I have been told to book the next day off work, and be prepared not to go anywhere because it hurts.

So, theres still like, 3 months until Mother's Day. So I plan on talking to the General Manager but if it is in my contract what can I do, right? Well, I can quit. I have been planning this since LONG BEFORE I started working there. For over a year. Almost my entire life revolves around this training for this race. The strength training, the way that I eat, the way that I drink, EVERYTHING!!! And I think that if they can't see this and they pretty much don't care, I don't think that this is a place that I want to work. And if i get my job at Golds,I will have something to fall back on. I think that I want just one job. And I would prefer it to be there.

Today, I was all ready to run, and I even went outside, but I was still uncomfortable with the footing. So I have a date with the eliptical after work. According to my half marathon training plan, I am to run 5 days a week, so 5 days a week it is. Tomorrow I will be doing roughly 8. There is not enough time to work out and work, because I will need to shower in between. So ill do it before bed!! I did walk though. I walked with my Garmin so I could see how far it is. I have my routes all scoped out. And tomorrow is going to be like 20 degrees warmer than today!! Its going to be PLUS 7 on MONDAY! Im scheduling like a long run for that day!!!! Haha. Hmmm.

That work thing is REALLY bugging me. I dont know. *Sigh*

Im thinking about doing Harry's 8k spring of to fight prostate cancer. Then theres my half marathon in may and a 15k at the Bread and Honey Festival in June. Thats what I think. Ill use them as training races. Speed work maybe.

I think I have said all I want to say! Ohhhh. I set my Garmin to automatically "Lap" after each kilometer. That way I can analyze "Splits" (Listen to that terminology, im getting good=)) Hahaha.

That is all,


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