Thursday, February 22, 2007

I will redeem myself

Yah. Okay so I ran Tuesday, 5km tempo. I wore my brace because my k nee was bugging me but it felt like all of the blood was getting cut off so, I ended up stopping and loosening it. I think the total time was like 30:50. Pretty bad. It was beautiful though!

Wednesday I was so exhausted and just needed sleep BUT i had a test so I had to study ALL night. and then yah I had the test today and it was SOOO hard so if i passed i barely passed. and to top that the fire alarm went off at 4am. I am exhausted and tonight greys anatomy is on, i have 2 assignments to work on AND I have to work 5-8.

But i do have a pplan to redeem myself. Honest. Tomorrow I will be running my long run of 14km. Saturday will be a run of like 8-10km with race pace intervals. That seems to be pretty popular. Sunday I will be running 10k LSD. This way I will still make 4 days running AND I can meet last weeks mileage as well.

Hope all is well,


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