Sunday, February 18, 2007

Summary Week 4--1 I am proud to post

I will post this weeks summary in this post but first I have to catch up on Yesterdays run and todays run. This was I learning experience I have you know.

February 17

Long Run. Distance 11.77km. Time--a long time. Ha It was 1:12. Pace--6:51/kilometer. The mistake that I made on this run is NOT doing the walk breaks that I am used to. See, on my Sunday Runs, we do 10 and 1s. I took 2 walk breaks at very strange points during my run and it turned out to be a very difficult run and Im not sure why. Oh well, It was also at like 7am.

February 18

I dont know what to call this one. I guess..."General Aerobic Run" Not a recovery run I dont think. Distance 8.01km. Time 54:18 No Heart Rate monitor, wanted to focus on how the body felt. I did 10 and 1s today. Didnt make it to the group run, both me and my mother slept in due to a LONG and VERY Stressful day at work. I got super stressed, and then at the end of the night the manager said "if you get stressed, just remember we're not saving lives, we're just selling Chicken" Anyways. I planned on only doing my boring 6k loop but I once again Twisted it up and ran down odd streets, found a mini loop I like and ran it 2 times. This equalled up to 8k. When I was having a tough time I repeated

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this" and I just kinda forgot about the way my body felt like if it was tired and just ran and it felt really good. So good infact that I almost did ANOTHER loop. But then logical Tiger kicked in and said, "Hey Tiger, Your long run was YESTERDAY!!" So I just ran home.

Okay now for the weekly summary that I am super proud to post:)

Tuesday: 4km
Wednesday: SNOW STORM
Thursday: Opted for the Eliptical
Friday: 6.03km
Saturday: 11.77
Sunday: 8.01

Total : 36.71 km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha. Thats exciting.
This week I will add 3km onto my long run. I will not however be running more than 5 days per week. Not yet atleast. I am now icing my tendons for good measure and I had a good stretch!
Have a wonderful day!



At 1:31 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

Howdy Tiger! Great summary week!! Was this your longest running week ever? Hard to train when you're under stress as it wears you out and creates fatigue, nevertheless you hung tough! CONGRATS


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