Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Run/Pampered/Summary and Other news

I like this color, therefor this is the colour i will post in today. Yes. Its the little joys in life.
Hahaha. okay.

Anyways, today's run was 10km. Or 6.1 miles. I enjoyed it. I ran mostly by myself, listened to my music. There was like 13408 hills. Ok, thats a bit of an eggaturation, but really there was like 6. And we barely went down hills, we just went up them. BUT thats ok. Cause I like to think that I am good at hills. I just pounded up those hills. Pounded up them. and kept going after. So. Thats good I guesss. Time was 1:01:32. Average pace was 6:07/km. This was also done as 10 and 1's. It was a little bit funny at the end becuase my mom met me at the store, and she came out and shes like, "How was your run" and I was like "Okay, But i need a good stretch" A few minutes later, shes like, "Are you ready To go?" And I was like, "Can you get me a kleenex and a glass of water" and she did. I am so lucky to have such a supportive family.

So. Summary.

Keep in mind I was exhausted. Just so tired. (Thats my excuse. I am sticking to it)

Monday: Rest
Tuesday:5km Tempoish run
Wednesday: Didnt feel like doing anything. Even with the lovely weather, Ijust wanted to sleep. So that is just what I did.
Thursday: See Wednesday. Wait no, I had to work too. And a big test. And grey's was on and it was dark by the time I got home anyways
Friday:9:01km. Dont know what kind of a run it was
Saturday: 5km. Was very tough. Copped out very early on
Sunday: 10km. Lots of uphill. Was pretty uneventful. I could breathe, I could talk, I was sweating, and not many aches and pains.

Total: 29.01km. Only running 4 days per week. Meh I dont even know what to think about it. All I can say was last week I was exhuasted. Ihave begun the gradual overhaul of my diet. *Nods* Thats right...
Hm. I wonder when one should begin taking suplemental energy?!

Tomorrow will be a rest day, as Tuesday we Start HILLS. Yes. We start HILLS!!!!! haha Im kind of excited. We only do 4 repeats. Ill do it! Ill be great. I will be using my MANTRA

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for This"

Color change. Hm. Well, not very good timing, as this is all I have to say.
Hope everyones training is going well, and everyone is smiling;)


OH wait, I lied, I have ONE MORE THING to tell you all...I got my day off work! I can run my race, and not have to quit. Now that makes me really excited:)

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