Monday, February 26, 2007

Life in a SnowGlobe

No Colors today. Just plain old me.

So, we got snow again. It snowed and winded and winded and snowed ALL day yesterday. Well not all day, we got our run in in the morning. Kinda felt like we were in one of those snow globes where you shake it and the snow goes crazy. But now, the wind is gone, it's -1, and fluffy marshmellow snowflakes. Too bad today is a rest day. I may go out for a run. Or maybe a recovery jog. Because we are doing hills tomorrow. Hills are what killed me last time because I am a little nervous. Yes, just a little nervous.

If i do run, it will be fredless, and watchless. Just a relaxing and enjoyful run. I asked Rob two questions.

1)When should one begin taking suplemental energy?
2) Can misalignment in gait cause knee pain and achilles tendon pain?!

Hm. Go read my Summary. Critique.

That is all.


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