Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the Hills are Alive

Hello everyone.

Today is the fateful day when our clinic begins hill training. Ha. I am EVER so excited.

Well actually I am excited. I am usually pretty good at hills, and now thanks to Fred I can determine if I am running all repeats at the same pace, which is what the goal of hill training is. Well, one of them atleast.I think. and you have to keep going up over the crest of the hill and we are doing 3 repeats tonight. I do not know what hill we are going to run on. Either Spring hill, or on the Queen street hill.

The hills looks like that. . Yah. . Anyways. The hills are alive.
So, I bought myself a fuel belt. I have pictures but I will upload them later. Really should get back to my homework... But first, this is the answer to my question with the gait...

Hi EmilyDr. Stephanie Adey has email me with this answer."The answer to your question is absolutely. Poor gait/foot mechanics can cause stress to the Achilles tendon causing and inflammatory process to begin which will result in scar tissue and adhesion to be laid down within the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. This can cause a shortening and tightening of the tendon resulting in pain and inflammation if left untreated. Correcting the foot mechanics with an orthotic and treating the injury can alleviate the discomfort."
So that is that. My mom was right. Grrr.
Anyways, I will be on my way,


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