Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not Very Interesting!

Not much to blog about...
Tomorrow is halloween.
Im going to be a cowgirl--Will have pictures tomorrow.
I got the worst boots ever. Again. Will have pictures.

Tonight is Hill Training...
Fantastic!! I love hills, remember?
We're only doing 3 weeks of Hill Training...*Cringes*
Im going to be rebellious, and do Speed Work AND Hill Training...
Muahahah. I have next Sunday Off from work to do 15miles...Yeah. Fun.
Then, I get to write a paper...
Even more fun.ahahahah.

Um. Im still never drinking again. Just incase you were wondering, I am NOT going to Halloween pub night...

Andddd...YEAH! Ohh, I am going to my friends house tonight to dye my hair!
Sorry Im so boring...


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekly Lesson


Ever. I wont bore you with the details. but oh man. I came home at 330. Then, at 800 i went for a run...10k cause I had to work at 11. I swear, I ran STILL DRUNK! The hangover hit me, when I was sitting down at the Running Room. The WHOLE WORLD WAS SPINNING! I'm sure this sounds familiar. But...Never again.

WORST FEELING EVER!!!!! No Lies. Nope. And then I spent the day at work. I almost Quit, I was so frustrated. And Sick. . .

So friends, that's this weeks lesson.
Don't drink. Ever.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stress Test...


apparently I called my mom during Yesterday's tempo run. I have a cell phone that I listen to music on, and I let it play but I had taken them out and on my headphones theres a microphone and if you push the button the last person you called it redails...

Now, I have explained to you that she's crazy, correct? Well..

She is CONVINCED that I need to get a stress test..

Ok, well all know that if, during a tempo run you can talk to the person next to you with great ease, that YOUR NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH! In terms of Heart Rate training, etc. it should be 80-90% of your maximum heart rate...

Now, my heart does beat fast, and we have been through this, but seriously.


So then, What do I do? Do I...
a) Appease the crazy mother of mine and get a stress test (prescribed of course by my family doctor or

b) Brush it off..
Now normally I wouldn't worry anything about it BUT...what ifffff....the doctor said something along the lines of..."You can't run again..."


And of course I don't predict it would happen, but sometimes I do have pains in my neck, on the pulse points (the corrouted artery), but thats when Im going retardedly fast or when I had something odd to eat the night before...And the pain usually goes along with me not being able to breathe...

Hmmm. I dunnnoooo.

Anyways, I dropped out of speed work today, I am SOOOO SORE!!!!

Gonna relax and hope that soon Ill be able to 'Go up for air' in terms of this homework...

In other news, I bought my halloween costume today! GOOD DEAL! Last year, I was the cat in the hat. I have the best costumes EVER! This year, me and my best friend are being cowgirls for halloween! I got the ugliest boots in the whole entire world! They were only $5 but still loll they are so funny looking. I will post pictures after halloween. No Spoiling surprises until then...

I just want to go to sleep...=(


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Update on today's run..
Um. Ok, 6.2 miles in 5o minutes flat.
Uhm. I didn't really want to run that fast, but it was dark and there is such a big gap between the fast group and the slow group (about a min) that I ran with the fast group **(Which consisted of me and one other person)** and it was VERY dark along the road we ran on, no sidewalk, only a bike path and some pretty uneven terrain...I think he was even going a little slower than he usually does and he even stopped to let me tie my shoe!!!

And then after like 6k, the others are about 6minutes behind. So like, thats about a kilometer and we couldn't even see anyone else. So, I just had to keep up. OHHH AND I DIDN'T REFLECT EITHER!!! It was fantastic. I swear I was going to die.

So I am a little sore. And I'm still going to do speed work tomorrow :o)
Haha. See Im back.

Miss Me?


P.S. I got an A on my first paper!!!


Did you know that Nike built a track out of the soles of old running shoes?? I just learned that Right NOW!

Cool, eh? You can read about it here .

So, Im still alive. I only ran 2 times last week, cause of school and studying and work and everything else. I didn't do my long run cause I had to be at work at 11...So, they've changed it to run. I mean one. Lol, so i guess you can see where my mind is, eh?
This week, I ran Yesterday...3.5 miles (oh, and ill have you know that I wore my garmin Yesterday and the course was like 400 yards short, therefore it took me 29 minutes this week because I kept running around the block, which translates my pace into an 8:19... and there I was getting all excited...)

Tonight I am leaving my psych class 30min early so I can get down there for my run. We learn the importnat stuff first half of the lecture--everything else is in the text book...
So, we're 7 weeks into the clinic, and I have yet to do one tempo run...Can you say...Slacker?

But..I am back. Today is a Tempo Run and tomorrow is speed work! Yay, speed work. If I can fit the 10k steady run in between my binge drinking I will (hahaha. Im just kidding...)
Then Sunday we're doing 14 miles which may possibly be a new record...shoot, here goes this creeping mileage...

Hmm...and I am still smoothered in Homework and the school library has become like my best friend! Yay. haha.

Okay, I gotta go do some more readings so I can make it to my Running tonight!
Tonights run, is going, to suck!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking Ahead!


Psych test is done. Reading documents are handed in about two hours. This week is over, and that is a good thing.

I have 2 assignments that I am NOT going to procrastinate on, and I should be alright for a few more weeks.

As for Running, I am finding training for a race that I am NOT running, very de-motivating. Reality is, I don't think that I have time to train for any sort of Olympic, or Half Iron Distance Triathalon, Atleast not until the end of April...

SO, I have decided that I have to sit down, and plan my Race schedule for the next season. Yep. I do.

THIS, is what I was thinking..

I will keep trianing with my Marathon clinic, cause I paid for it of course, and then I am going to join the "Triple Crown Clinic" which does the Chilly Half Marathon, 30k Around the Bay, and The Mississauga Full. I, however will only be doing the Mississauga Half. I'll do the full next September, if I am ready!...There's no rush, right?

There are reasons that I am planning my race schedule.

1) Committment. I am committed if I pay for them. Yeah.

And since, races are expensive I have figured out a way to do them all. I will register for one race every paycheque. That way I am still getting registered, but I am dispersing the cost a little more evenly so it doesnt seem like so much.

I am contemplating an OLYMPIC distance try in August. I can start training in like, May. Cause Im off school in may and I can make training work around a job. Job's seem to have much less committment than school. You don't have to bring your work home.

Definatley not saying that your real life jobs are easy, Im saying that the jobs that i am involved in are easier than school. yeah. But, I am making an investment into my education...


Ohkay. Im back for a bit. Im definately going out tonight, cause I need a break from reality. It's gonna be so fun! Yay


Take care,


P.S. Tuesday, I went out for a run, a tempo run, with no garmin or hrm or anything. Just went for the goal of getting an endorphin high. And it worked. So! I went out, with this guy, like this super fast guy, and Guess what? I KEPT UP! i asked him what the time was at the end, and he said...3.5 miles in 26:09...so I was like...OK. That means, then that we we're running a sub 8 min mile~ ANd funny thing is, that it was relatively comfortable.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Lied...

I could not stay away.
I have been studying for the last like 2 days for this stupid psych test and if I don't know it now, I never will. I went out for my tempo run today, the one thats only 3.5 miles. It was fantastic. I went out there with the intention of getting the Runner's High. NO GARMIN, No ipod, no HRM, not nothing. Just a runner's high. I was SO NOT INTO it, but i was like, whatever, I have got to go run.

So, Run I did. I ran with this guy. He was my pacer and I don't think he knew it. Anyways at the end, I asked him for the overall time. We did 3.5miles in 26:09. If my calculations are correct(Which the probably aren't), I ran a sub 8 minute pace.

Im okay with that.

Im feeling much happier lately. I have decided that I am so sick of not being ok, that if i pretend to be ok, eventually I will feel ok. One of my friends has not been ok lately too, so we made a pact, to become okay.

"When it hurts to look back, and you're afraid to look ahead, look beside you and you'll see your best friend!"

So friends, that is the extent of the blogging for a bit. Ill update when I can.
Think about me tomorrow, I will be writing my first UNIVERSITY TEST!!!!!
Just hope that I make it to the RUNNING ROOM Tomorrow because I have a feeling that I am desperately going to need a run...

Hopefully the world won't conspire against me!

Goodnight friends,

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blogging Hiatus...

Hi Guys...

3 orders of business in this blog.
First...I have fallen off the edge. I definately had a nervous breakdown yesterday. This tiger doesn't ever cry, and yesterday she couldn't stop...at work. Frig. Oh well people will forget about it. I hope. You know how there is a breaking point? When things just add up and add up and add up until if someone just so much as puts an extra ounce of weight on what is already there you break? Well yeah, that's what happened. Now, I have this kind of drunk feeling, like you know the one when you cannot feel anything. A sort of numbness all about you. Well yeah. I cannot feel. It is actually kind of scary...

Second...I will not be able to blog most probably until next Friday. Monday, I have to study. I am smoothered in Homework. It is ridiculous. Tuesday, I study during the day, and I am running at night. I have a test Wednesday and I work better if I've gone for a run...
Wednesday is my test day, and I have more reading documents to do. Hopefully I will be able to get to my run on Wednesday!***(on wednesday's the world consipres against me. Honestly.)
Then Thursday I have an eight hour trianing day, training another person, and finally, Friday I have a little bit of extra time on my hands.

So, instead of doing this "OCTOPULUZA" stuff, I am going to make myself weekly goals, because I cannot predict how the week is going to be with school and work and stuff, therefor, i have decided to make myself "WEEKLY GOALS" so that they are more attainable on a consistant basis.

1. Run 3-4 days. (Tuesday, Wednesday****, Friday, Sunday)
2. Swim as much as I can.
3. Um...pass my test and get my homework done. That one, is actually number one.

So, unless I magically find time to update before Friday,
Have a fantastic week.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Negative Progress

Hi Guys!

Im back. So, that little meltdown tiger had, actually made her feel a little better. Let me draw you a picture... note: I am the circle.


This was me when I made that post. (on the edge)


This was where i expected to be the next day. (over the edge)


This was me after my run. (Close to the edge)

Eventually I hope to be Here:


Thanks for your kind words.

Athletically wise, I gotta kick it up a notch. Like, after next Friday, there are no excuses. I know I have tests and stuff soon. My weekly mileage is about like 30. I should be at like 50 (kilometers) SOOOO...yeah.

The ironman is slipping away slowly but surely...
SO I am thinking Olympic Tri. There are more of those around I think. If I do a race of that distance, I think i want it to be a sanctioned Ironman race. Well thats atleast what everyone is telling me. The other one I am thinking of which is the `canadian half iron`is not a sanctioned event. Its flat and fast, but it is not as organized as an ironman event and its a looped course. I don`t want to have a bad experience and not want to train again. Everything has to be perfect!

Who knows, maybe I will skip the Half Iron and go straight for the full....

But as it stands, I don`t know hwere I stand:) haa.
I do know that OCTOPULUZA seems relatively pointless for me...

My new goals...
0.(most important) get all homework done, stay caught up and pass my psychology test.
1. Stay sane
2. Run, as much as I can

I have yet to get on the bike. I will have my bike in a month. My gym will be open soon. Someone suggested to me that I get the book `Going Long`...I get paid so I am going to pick a copy of the book up.

Um...I`ll eat healthy soon....

I dont really know what else to say. Hope everyone is doing fantastic and training hard. Im doing 18k tomorrow morning...

Take care


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

C'est La Vie.

Yes. Life, sometimes, gets in the way.
This weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving. It was fine.

This tiger seems to have melted down into some sweet little kitten, so beware, there might be some kitten moments for which I do apologize.

So, for those of you who come here for the workout info...

Today: 1000m swim. Thought I was going to DIE! Felt like I had never run before.
3.5mile tempo run, which also sucked. C'est la vie.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

This is true, unless the words are coming from someone to whom you care deeply. NO, not a boyfriend, or another person of that type, but someone that is supposed to look out for you and not hurt you.

You all know that someone close to me has been in the Hospital. This person was hospitalized for depression. The doctors have not helped her cope with this, they have put her on countless pills, and had her pretty much sedate for the last month. There were times when I would talk to this person and I would be ignored. I would get a blank stare when I said something crazy like, 'I love you.' Now this person, that has returned home, and I get every ounce of anger that they have towards everything in the world. Sometimes they try and apologize, but really, words hurt. I know that it might not be this persons intention to say these things, or take thier anger out on me, but it still hurts.

And I don't know. I am actually MAD at this person, for doing this. The thought that they had considered leaving me. And for the timing, first week of University. I am so behind in my classes because of my wandering mind, wondering how they are doing because of the super fantastic time this all went down. Im mad at them for hurting me so bad.

But yet, I can't just curl up in a little ball and die. Or wait for the world to get better. I have to keep going. There's a song called "Tied together with a smile." It's country. It describes so much how I feel...

Hold on, Baby your loosing it.
The water's high your jumpin into it,
And letting go, and nobody knows
That you cry, but you don't tell anyone,
That you might not be the Golden One,
And you're tied together with a smile, but your coming undone....

The smile has come undone, and that is why you are getting a little kitten post! I shouldn't be like this. I shouldn't be so helpless. For I am not human, I am super human. Ahhhh.
I. am.so.close.to.the.edge.
I need something. I don't know what I need.
~**End Kitten Moment**~

Sorry, for that guys.
try and keep on, keeping on.

I don't deserve the Tiger Persona Today...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Nobody Said it would be Easy

So friends, Once again my blog has undergone a facelift! Don't be afraid, change is good...!

So, last night, I definately decided to go to Pub Night last night, at York. I only went with 2 friends cause everyone else was busy. Both of my friends were underage. I got an Orange Wristband, and they got a White one. When they got their wristband, they also had to go a room, and give a breathalizer, and the pub kept their York ID. On the way out, we had to go back to that room to get thier ID back, and they had to take a breathalizer again, and if they had been drinking they would be banned from the pub for that entire year.

So, the pub night itself I thought was kind of lame. It was like the regular club scene but it was soo weird. And the guys were pigs. That is all I have to say. I am NOT saying that all guys are pigs, I am just making a statement that these particular guys are pigs. Yes.

So, whatever. I had a few drinks. I was a little tipsy and a little wobbly but I was still relatively lucid...

We went upstairs to go, and they had to get breathalized again. They came out find, but I asked the guy if I could take the test too! The guy was like "You want to fail?" ahaha. So, I took the test and it read immediately, and I laughed. Then, we missed our bus. There was ONE LAST BUS out of York, and we missed it. And I don't know anyone on res yet!

But the getting ready was fun, and I met a new friend, and that was fun. I think that IF I got again (Which won't be for a long time because midterms are coming up soon...and assignments, and of course, I can't forget training. Soo...)

Needless to say, The novelty is wearing off...(See look, I said that it would happen. It's happening sooner than i thought though...)

So, I have been reading, and I have decided that it would be appropriate, if I joined in OCTOPULUZA (sorry if I spelled it wrong) as well. I am starting a week late, but Sh...23 days is better than nothing.

1. Run 5x per week, Swim atleast once per week on my OWN time. Not during swimming class or AFTER swimming class. Get on the bike atleast 3x for about an hour.

2. Make my own lunch atleast 3 days out of 5. Save money and makes me healthier.

3. No alcohol until halloween.

Yep. That's my goals...

So, there are officially 53 spots left in my half ironman. Yeah. Ha. So, now I have to decide if I am going to register. Reality is that i cannot really afford to register until like January...Student with no steady job and no steady budget, Im telling you,...So this one might be out of the question.
Now, there is one other option...
Half Ironman Canada. It's in Ottawa. I can stay at my Aunts house. It's half the price of Half Ironman Muskoka. I imagine that Muskoka would be nicer though.
It's like August 31st, about a month before. I actually kind of like the idea of doing one closer to home..this onne is flat too...

So, I have until about the end of the weekend to decide. Training wise that just means I get a month less of base training...I am confident I can train for it and successfully complete this thing but..yeah. So...any opinions on this..Should I go with my Original plan or should I modify my plan???

Before I go, I will leave you with a quote that I like

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it, and if it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it"

Isn't it nice?

Take care my friends.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Current Situation **EDIT**

So folks,
Seriously, I ran Sunday, 7.0 miles. Sucked.
Monday, I developed a fever and felt really sick.
Tuesday I was still not feeling well.
Wednesday's I don't get homoe until dark.
This week. Is.A.Write.Off.

But, Friday it all begins again, as I attempt to complete my 10k tempo run at 6 o'clock in the morning. It will be fantastic! *(Rolls Eyes*).

Then, after I get home at 4, I will do something with the bike. Dunno, maybe Ill just ride for an hour or two or more.

My swimming however, is coming along very well.
The way I used to swim hs been completely changed.
I used to swim with CUPPED hands. David, the instructor, says NO, be like a SILVERBACK in the JUNGLE. Yeah. So with the crazy loose hands. Ok..I can deal with that. Now, he is asking us to turn our whole bodies to lift our elbows out of the water. The only thing that comes out of the water is our elbows, and at all times our middle finger has to be touching the water at all times...

Hm, I can deal with that. We have been wearing flippers, and they REALLY hurt my ankles. But, whatever. I can deal with that too. Atleast for a little while.

Hm. Oh, we did the Beep test today. Keep in mind, I am still not 100%. That is my excuse. I got to level 10. The predicted VO2 max was something like 56. Now, I don't know what any of this means yet, but I am in the 96th percentile for females...I can live with that;)

Now, I am off to Jane and Finch--the most talked about neighborhood in Toronto. It's a bad neighborhood. Im a white girl walking alone. Without a cell phone. I've heard about people getting robbed at 2pm, when there are people around.... I should probably be worried. IM gonna run. Haha. with my bags and everything!

**EDIT** I made it back to you alive. That is a good thing. Note. I was not going to this neighborhood by choice. It was forced. I have to do reading buddies for school. I didn't get shot, but i looked intimidating with my bag and my sunglasses. I must have scared them away. I did, however, fall off the sidewalks cause I was so nervous. Hahaha...Next time I go, I will be in Running Gear. Ill run there and run back..END EDIT***

Take Care Friends


Monday, October 01, 2007

There Are Still Good People In The World!

It Has been a long couple of days.
I have an infection in my sinus and in my chest. Fantastic. I haven't been on the bike at all.
I have been swimming only at my swimming class (Which was still good, I did like 25lengths of a 25m pool)
I ran on Sunday....7.0 miles exactly.
So, last week=write off.

I did, however, get a pair of brand new Shoes.
I got the Addistar Control...
I do not know if I have mentioned it before, but I am a very difficult person to shop for shoes with.
When you buy a pair of Running Shoes, you have to be able to basically put them on, and be able to take them out of the box and they should be so comfortable that you could run a marathon in them.

That NEVER happens. I tried on Every Single pair of shoes on the wall. Every single pair. Then, I tried several different types of insoles in EVERY single pair of shoes. The best ones were the addistar control. They look quite attractive anyways.

One of my best friends came from Hamilton and spent the day in Downtown TO. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and I bought a `15$ drink. I got to keep the cup though! Then, I went bowling. When I bowl, I will throw the ball down the lane, and then it will be right on track to the center for a strike and then it decides it is going to curve and end up in the gutter. Grr, was I ever mad. I got the hang of it about the middle of the last game.

And another thing,
THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! I was doubting it for awhile because everyone I seem to have come across was very fake. BUT low and behold someone returned my Lost wallet to the Walmart near where I had dropped it. I do not have to replace social Insurance numbers or anything of that sort! Tis Fantastic.

As for today, I am resting. I am TOTALLY exhausted. So I am going to have a nap and start on all of the fantastic readings and reading documents that I have to do.

Off to bed. Hope everyone is fine!