Thursday, October 04, 2007

Current Situation **EDIT**

So folks,
Seriously, I ran Sunday, 7.0 miles. Sucked.
Monday, I developed a fever and felt really sick.
Tuesday I was still not feeling well.
Wednesday's I don't get homoe until dark.
This week. Is.A.Write.Off.

But, Friday it all begins again, as I attempt to complete my 10k tempo run at 6 o'clock in the morning. It will be fantastic! *(Rolls Eyes*).

Then, after I get home at 4, I will do something with the bike. Dunno, maybe Ill just ride for an hour or two or more.

My swimming however, is coming along very well.
The way I used to swim hs been completely changed.
I used to swim with CUPPED hands. David, the instructor, says NO, be like a SILVERBACK in the JUNGLE. Yeah. So with the crazy loose hands. Ok..I can deal with that. Now, he is asking us to turn our whole bodies to lift our elbows out of the water. The only thing that comes out of the water is our elbows, and at all times our middle finger has to be touching the water at all times...

Hm, I can deal with that. We have been wearing flippers, and they REALLY hurt my ankles. But, whatever. I can deal with that too. Atleast for a little while.

Hm. Oh, we did the Beep test today. Keep in mind, I am still not 100%. That is my excuse. I got to level 10. The predicted VO2 max was something like 56. Now, I don't know what any of this means yet, but I am in the 96th percentile for females...I can live with that;)

Now, I am off to Jane and Finch--the most talked about neighborhood in Toronto. It's a bad neighborhood. Im a white girl walking alone. Without a cell phone. I've heard about people getting robbed at 2pm, when there are people around.... I should probably be worried. IM gonna run. Haha. with my bags and everything!

**EDIT** I made it back to you alive. That is a good thing. Note. I was not going to this neighborhood by choice. It was forced. I have to do reading buddies for school. I didn't get shot, but i looked intimidating with my bag and my sunglasses. I must have scared them away. I did, however, fall off the sidewalks cause I was so nervous. Hahaha...Next time I go, I will be in Running Gear. Ill run there and run back..END EDIT***

Take Care Friends



At 11:27 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Ummm. Sure. You be careful. K? :-)


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