Tuesday, September 18, 2007

on The fence

Tonight was a 3.5 mile tempo which was fantastic, even though I was completely exhausted. I now cannot sleep, but it will be ok, I have an hour of bus rides tomorrow. Fantastic.
Tomorrow is a 6 mile tempo. Not looking forward to it.. It is apparently a very hard run, to do a tempo run of that distance, considering that the farthest most of us have run at that pace, nonstop is 6k. But, it will be a challenge none the less.

Thursdays 22k is on the fence. My mom is still in the hospital and is very angry that i cannot be part of the family and not be so selfish and come and babysit. So, the odds are that I cannot do that run, unless I can find a babysitter.,

Fantastic isnt it...My question mark key and quotations do not seem to be working.
Im a little stressed out. I do not seem to be taking the notes that I usually take and my mind and focus are not there, they are other places. It is actually a little bit worrysome...Honors only program. I gotta focus. I gotta take good notes.

Someone suggested I talk to the prof, but the profs honestly dont care. I gotta find someone who takes good notes...

I gotta go guys,
take care


At 5:16 AM , Blogger Wes said...

All this bouncing around between kilometers and miles is driving me INSANE :-) Hope your mom feels better. It can be tough with so many demands on ya, but sometimes you DO have to be selfish about yourself. It's the only way to keep yourself pulled together to help other people. Go get'em Tiger :-)


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