Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Great Big Sea

Attention all bloggers,
This is a special report coming at you live from York University's Student Centre.

That's right. I am at school right now, as we speak. I have about two and a half hours left until my psych class, at which point, I have aquired the great honor to go wait in line for 4 hours to get my books, some of which aren't available, but the rest of which I must have for tomorrow.

Just peachy isn't it.
There is a sea of people. Frosh week was fantastic because there was a significantly smaller portion of people, all of whom were in my college. There were about 200 people at my Frosh week.

Now, trying to find those same familiar faces in this sea of about 40,000 is overwhelming to say the least. I can't go to the gym because I haven't a lock for a locker. Hence the report.

I went to the Orientation yesterday and found out a couple of things, the most important of which is that it is an HONORS ONLY program and if I don't maintain a certain GPA, then I get kicked out.
Now, I don't predict that any of this will happen, but my goodness. And today, the first day, we have already gotten a list of all the assignments and their due dates. Holy man. This never ever happened in highschool. I knew it was going to be different,

The prof's that I have met so far are really nice. Tomorrow, I only have my Swimming class. I am pretty excited about that. I doubt we'll get in the water, but STILL! It's exciting.

So, right now, I am feeling pretty unsure about everything.

Did I run the hills enough? Did my coaches truly prepare me? Did I pay enough attention to what they were trying to tell me? Will I bonk half way through? Will I recover quickly?

Just for the record, though, I am joining the 1% of people that actually have a University degree. I am saying this, because I am going to get my degree, and there are actually a couple of things that I have in mind that I can do with it. I am hearing the little voice in my head that is saying 'You can do it...You can do it' and am trying to make that voice nice and loud.

Every once in a while, a door opens to the future. My door is opened, and I worked hard to open it, so it's not going to slam in my face.

The only thing I am truly sure of is the fact that I am definately going to enjoy the run I am planning with my friend that I haven't seen since like June.
I promise this will be more of a running blog again soon guys, I just need to get myself all situated...

Any encouragement would be appreciated,


At 9:53 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Every new situation makes everything raw and amplified. The sooner you get settled in, the sooner you'll get comfortable.

You can do this. You aer not the first, even though you may seem to be alone. Make friends... Have fun... Work hard...

We're pulling for you :-)

At 7:02 PM , Anonymous Vik! said...

Go Emily! You keep running up those "Hill's" ;)

I feel you totally! I am so bllaaaahhh right now! And I'm sure you know what I mean by that.
The transition is like half impossible.. or so it seems at this moment. I know it will get better and I am (and I am sure you are as well) eagerly looking forward to that "downhill" part of our huge race!

Keep on Truckin'!
"The end of something is just the beginning of something new!" :)

At 9:46 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

The first day of school is always intimidating, like running, just keep pushing in increments and you'll get there. Tomorrow will be better. Hang tough!!


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