Thursday, August 09, 2007

Musings of a Hampster

I think he needs a name. His name will be...Giraffe. He constantly is running around in my head. Please welcome him to our blogger family.
Today, he and I went for a tempo run. I took advil before the run, and we got going. The tempo run was pretty strong. We decided that it would only be 4k, even though I felt like we could go much much further than that, however, body trumps giraffe this time.
For the heat, and condition of my body, I am not going to complain. I still feel pretty crappy. I picked up a card for the people at Chuck E Cheese (cause tomorrow is my last day), bought shampoo, and had subway.
On the way home, Giraffe decided that he would think a lot about future upcoming races, and time goals and how to meet them.
Theres 9 months until the Mississauga Half.
This gives me 5 months to get my LSD runs to about a 5min/km (8:00min/mile) so I can get my tempo pace to something like 4:30/km, and my race pace to about 4:08/km.
By December, I would like to be able to run a 45min 10k. I am currently capable of running a 53min 10k, so I think that this goal is reasonable. Half marathon training will start officially on January 2nd. I haven't decided if I will do it with the Running Room again, or do it on my own.
Between now and December, I will slowly increase my long run pace. Starting where it is (about a 6:10/km) and start pushing the pace until I can get to between a 5:00 and 5:30/km comfortably. The long runs will get up to about 36km, because I am training for, but not running a marathon...
I will do 2 tempo runs a week. The tempo runs will start at a 5:10/km pace, and I will start at 6km. Every week or so I will add another kilometer, and push the pace by 2-5seconds per kilometer until I can do 10km at a 4:30 pace. (This is before December) I will also do Speed work and Hills. Fun fun fun...(no sarcasm. They actually are fun)
I haven't really thought about what will happen in January for official race training, but I know what races I will do to get me ready. The Chilly Half, and Around the Bay 30k in preperation for Mississauga. It should be good. Time goals for those two races are to be determined.
I will probably only do the International with my science teacher for fun, and only for fun if he decides to do it. I will talk to him in September, and if he says he isn't doing it I will do Scotia. A University students income doesn't support doing more than run race a month.
You have proabably heard bits and peices of this floating around in my blog recently, but here it is, all written down. Partially so you can keep me in line, and partially so it is written down, and I know what I am wanting to do and what my goals are.
I know that these sound like pretty hefty goals.
Throw Your Heart Over The Mountain And You're Body Will Follow...
I am really determined. They don't call me Tiger for nothing...
Finish Strong..


At 2:36 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Instead of planning on doing two Tempo Runs per week, howabout mixing it up so your runs don't become boring...I'm thinking of one Tempo Run and one Interval Workout. Maybe a Tempo Run, and a Hill Workout? Two Tempo Runs per week is very vigorous, keep listening to your body!!

At 7:35 AM , Blogger Fran said...

That's quite an ambitious plan. Not sure if it's realistic for 9 months of training, but you know best. See how the body reacts and don't be afraid to adjust your goals if need be.


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