Sunday, July 22, 2007


I went to get a fit test today, at premier fitness, so I can get to work out at the gym. It took 2 hours. Whatever. You go through a survey, and the test your fitness, and take your measurements and set goals

I went into this knowing that I needed to tone up my body fat, and that my heart and lungs were in pretty good condition.

These were the results, then my rant:

1. I am fat. No, really, I am made entirely of fat. Well, 44lbs of me is fat, and the rest is muscle. I weigh 129 by the way. My body fat is 33%--OMG!!!

2. My blood pressure is 129/80

Ok, well first things first, nobody told me that you aren't supposed to drink within 24 hours of the fitness appointment: WOOPS

You shouldn't excersize within 24 hours of the appointment: WOOPS again, I did 17k yesterday, and it was a fantastic 17k too

Also, you can't have soft drinks, or junkfood within 8hrs of the appointment WOOPS again. We were up painting at 5 30 am, so I had a pepsi at about 9:00am.

Alright. So whatever. My bp was a little elevated due to the cooler I had the night before. And they stress you out. I am telling you.
"Oh, I am just going to stick 2 little electrodes to your hand and 2 to your foot, and we'll see how much fat your made up of."

And I am not a person that likes to go on the scale. To me, if I feel good and I am looking okay, Im happy. All that is just a number. So, whatever, they put me on a scale, and tell me the number. Then, we go back into the room to set some 'goals'.
Fine, whatever, I am 'goal oriented.'

"So, what do you want to weight?"-*Fit Trainer (FT)
"Um, maybe about 98lbs"-Note, this was a joke. A serious joke. I'm 5'4", 98lbs is disgusting.
"Hm. Okay." FT writes that number on paper...
"I was kidding. Maybe 105" (I still know that this is ridiculous, I want to see what they react.)
"Okay. So what about measurements."FT

SERIOUSLY!!! When someone says things like this, wouldn't you suspect like an image disorder? 105lbs would show every single bone on my body. EVERYTHING!!!
But no, I think that the more weight that a person wants to loose, the more money they think that you can get out of you.

And then we go to do my fitness test. Now to do the situps, they put you on an incline thing that I swear is like almost 90 degrees. They want you to do situps on it. yeah. Right. No thanks, I can do like 50 if you let me lay on the ground. Whatever.

So, they break you down, and then show you around their gym and give you demos of all the stuff that them, and their personal trainers can offer you.

Oh. And they called my lifestyle Sedentary. Meaning like I don't do anything. Yeah. Running anywhere between 20 and 56km each week is sedentary. Ha. Hahahaha.

Ok, so after they do all this, they look at how to reach my "Goal." Yeah. So they decided that I need about 2058 calories. Okay. So, fine whatever. But in order to burn 7000 calories per week and loose 2lbs, I have to cut my calorie intake by 1000. So. That leaves my calorie intake at 1058.


I don't think you got that so HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Yeah Right. So, on a day when I am running 12, 13, 14 miles, or a fast paced 6mile tempo run, I burn atleast half that. When I am doing a longer run, I burn atleast that OR MORE!! That means I am burning more calories than I am consuming. DUMB.

And as a side note, my Basal Metabolic Rate says I burn 1420 calories just doing nothing. Nothing. Sitting and breathing. How can I run, when I have a calorie deficeincy. That would equal (I am assuming) low energy.

Geez guys. And then they tried to sell me "MY ULTIMATE PACKAGE" which was nutrition and personal training...$2000/year. I am a student going into University. Yeah, another $2000/year on stuff that I am going to learn at school. Ha. Oh man. They knew that I am going into Kinesology too.

Man. I am bothered by this. All for the sake of money. Now guys, I have a pretty good body image and stuff, but you know what?! This has kind of brought me down. Stupid, I know but I have been walking around the house a big sweater on. Hah. I want to loose that body fat and tone up but I don't care if I loose weight in the meantime. Im still going to go to the gym because we paid for it, but I am going to disappear into the background...

I'll be okay guys, but if you see any signs of Excersize Anorexia or Bulimia in this blogger, I need you to keep me in line. I'm not that dumb, but numbers can get to me...You know they drill them into your head...

That's my Rant.


At 6:56 PM , Blogger Wes said...

That is so funny. I skipped my appointment with my personal trainer. All I wanted to do was use the pool anyways. You'll do just fine, Tiger. Run a marathon (or two), and let your body show you where you need to be!

At 4:46 AM , Blogger Fran said...

Well they're goal is to sell you a training package and unforutnately they try to get you feel insecure about yourself to do it.

At 1:53 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

I belong to 24 Hour Fitness and everytime my membership is due they try and seduce me into a "free" one time personal trainer appointment, I've learned to say, NO THANKS! I'm better off being self coached then listening to someone with dollars signs for eyes.

You know yourself much better than they do! You know what your goals are and how to achieve those goals...golly, you would be a better trainer than most of them! HAH, you are sedentary?!?...I wish more people were as sedentary as you!! They don't have a clue to what you need for calories either, they're dietary goals are outright dangerous. I could rant about this forever, forgive me.

At 3:26 PM , Blogger Nat said...

Tiger, this sounds exactly like my appt with a personal trainer when I first joined the gym. I had just had a baby 2 months before and was 132lbs (I'm 5'5). My body fat was measured at 22% ( I was full time nursing a baby-- I needed all the fat I could get). They told me I needed to weigh 105lbs and my body fat needed to be around 8%. Then they worked out this plan and my calorie intake was like 1100 calories. I was like hello, I am feeding a baby!!! I need 500 extra calories a day to do that.

These people are idiots. It is just a sell. I am fitter than every single one of the personal trainers at my gym. They don't even approach me any more.

Keep running. Don't worry about it.

At 9:41 AM , Blogger Cliff Tam said...

Yeah, most of them don't know what they are talking about.

I don't put too much emphasis on weight alone. It doesn't take into account if it is water weight or muscle weight.

Glad to hear you are smart enough to stay away from them.

I just think it is a bit sad to focus on weight alone. I don't train to lose weight..i train b/c it is fun...losing weight (or toner) is just a secondardy result from it.

Hmm...i miss running already :o)


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