Thursday, June 28, 2007

No Particular Point...

I have so been sucking at this blogging stuff lately. Like...REALLY sucking.
I suppose I have nothing to write about. Just work, and sleep and run.
Still haven't put air in the bike tire but I will do that soon.
Still haven't looked into the swimming around the corner either.
I was supposed to work 3 days this week--Im working 5 now...
I'm not complaining though--University isn't cheap...

And So i 5am
That's right. At 4:45, I drag my sorry bum out of bed. I put the running clothes that have been sitting out for me since the previous night, eat a bananna, have a glass of water, and head out down the County Hilly Road, for a steady 8km. Fantabulous. It was quite hilly too. On previous days this week, I have done tempo paced runs, and I plan on doing some hill training tomorrow. To strenghten my beautiful legs. (No, they really are nice..) I like running so early though! How good does that feel to come back at 5:55am, have had a breakfast, a run, a shower, gotten dressed and ready for your day, done a load of laundry and had a second breakfast before everyone else get's up!

My Legs are regaining thier muscles.
I am gaining aerobic strength...
I am on a comeback! See TOLD YOU I'd bounce back soon.

Monday marks the official beginning of my 12 week half marathon training program! Thank goodness for the structure....1:50 half, here I COME!

I am exhausted. Canada Day and the Monday following are easy days. I will run when I want to. (But I am on a structured plan now, so I will run. Maybe even next Sunday's long run, considering I don't need to be home until whenever.) and then I will sit and probably binge on Junkfood (This binge will most definately consist of icecream)...And watch a nice girly chick flick.

*shrugs*--I need a binge every now and again. Don't we all. Hmm maybe I am just an exeption ;0) I'm exceptional in many ways.

I feel like Im in a slump. Sigh. Whatever.

So really.. I run..I work. That's the consistancy of my life right now...

Take care friends.

Im not homesick anymore. My mom doesn't want to talk to me anyways. So there. ha. right.


At 7:43 PM , Blogger Wes said...

Like a hoover :-) LOL. You just keep having fun. There is plenty of time to play "grown up" at University.


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