Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Calm After the Storm

I'm not going to say that I am back yet. Infact, we are just going to pretend that this year only has 51 weeks, and that last week didn't exist. It was a write off, but I did finish very much homework. It consisted of just what I said it would. Homework, junk food, no running and little sleep. Gosh, I was soo tired. I've been napping everday after school. So, are we agreed, Only 51 weeks this year?

And according to the scale I've actually lost weight. Hm. Whatever. I just feel like bum cause Ive been eating SOOO bad. Whatever.

I went for a run today. 6.7 miles at an average pace of 9:03/mile. I cannot wrap my head around this miiles thing. I can't figure out if it's fast or slow or avg. Blah. Oh well I'll get used to it I guess.

Finished my paper on Obesity. Finshed my Mock Marriage Project. Still have 2 presentations, an in class exam and 2 exams. Then, on June 21st, I am off to Kingston, Ontario to stay with my Aunt for the summer. I bought my train ticket. I am so excited. New Running Terrain! Don't worry, I'll still keep you my friends updated.

Blogging may be more frequent. Tomorrows Speed work. Thursday may be another run. The weekend; well we wil cross that bridge when we come to it.

Stay Tuned for my "Own Private Port Credit" Post. Picture Pictures Pictures. Im just waiting for a nice day!

I'll Catch up with Everyone's blog's soon! I've missed you!


At 8:10 AM , Blogger Wes said...

A 9 minute mile training run is fast to me!!!!

At 12:49 PM , Blogger Joe said...

Have fun in Kingston, Ontario. Too bad you're not going to Kingston, Jamaica.


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