Sunday, May 20, 2007

Smorgashborg (Sp*)

So, Yesterday I ran 8 km, ran from the Running Room to the finish line for a victory lap! (The way there felt much better than the same place last Sunday did!!! I got up at 6am to walk the dog, and then my mom drove me. I then worked like...ohh 6,7, or 8 hours at work, then went to see Shrek with my family! It was realllly fun and a nice day.

Today, it is Sunday. Exactly one week post half marathon. I am investing in "The Stick" as several of my fellow bloggers have suggested. Just have to find it now...Muscle soreness has depleted to the point of non-existance. Infact, I was human again by Tuesday or Wednesday. I went running this morning. Just wore the garmin for the distance. Tried to ignore the pace, and it pretty much worked.

To tell you the truth, I haven't felt this good all week. I was all blah this week. I went for a run Saturday morning and I felt fantabulous. I have told my race story like 1084669 times. And it never gets old.

I didn't make it to the pool Friday morning. I was completely beat. It was a long week.

I got my pictures. I am ordering the CD. So many people want pictures, so Im not paying $50/picture, I'm going to pay $60 for the CD and then I'm going to Walmart and printing them off, and buying frames at the dollar store! Perfect plan.

I'm still working on that paper. Right now I am watching Saint Ralph. It's a grand movie. I feel great. Hope all is well,



At 11:50 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Sounds like everything is starting to sink in, Tiger. Enjoy the highs and let the lows fade into the past.

At 6:38 PM , Blogger Fran said...

If you're in Toronto, Running Free in Markham sells the Stick. They only have one model though and I'm not sure which model it is but I remember thinking it was a flexible one since the demo they had was bent out of shape. You may want to consider a stiffer model.

At 1:04 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

I loved the Saint Ralph movie (I'm Roman Catholic therefore appreciate the settings atmosphere too) One of the few movies I actually latered PURCHASED! What did you think of the movie?

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Saint Ralph is a good movie.


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