Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ready or Not

I am officially scared to death!!!!
In 5 short days, Im going to be bolting across the start line.
Ready or not, there I go.

Today I did my second last run before the race.
It was 10k at race pace.
My Garmin didn't kick in until about 2 kilometers into the run.
We were running around the swamp and the bugs were like so thick. I came back and had bugs ALL over me. Oh well.
The average pace was 5:34/kilometer and I still had some more left in me. I was getting a little fatigued at the 10 k mark but I think with people and energy gels and ...I'll be fine...

So...I wrote something...

A goal in my mind,
I hit the street in the snow in the rain
I strengthened my body
I ran through the pain.

I took an extra day here and there,
To rest and rejuvinate,
I never lost my motivation,
I was back out on the Street

The countdown began
100 days before
I kept running as it dwindled
And now there's not many more

The taper madness
Starts weeks ahead of the race
The things I start to worry about,
Will I be able to keep my pace?

And then I start to think back,
Looking at how far I've come,
I used to struggle on 6k Sundays,
Now I get annoyed running 10 & 1s

And as the sleepless nights continue,
I know I've met my goal,
I know if a few days, hours, minutes,
I'll be exploding through the course!

People Chanting "Go Tiger, Go"
Focused on nothing but time,
Putting one foot infront of the other,
I know I'll cross the Finish Line!

Robb showed us the "Spirit of the Marathon" movie.
Talk about...let's get going.

My shirt is done. My skirt is ready. My bag is almost packed.

I will charge my IPOD and my Garmin tomorrow after my last 6km run at race pace.

Hmm... oh and tomorrow is McHappy day. So I am having a big mac to support kids that are sick.

SOO Many pictures for you all later..
Soo nervous.



At 5:26 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Tiger, you are going to be awesome. You will be nervous and excited when the race starts. Have a good strategy firmly in your mind when you get going. That way, the nervousness and excitement doesn't start you out way to fast! In 13.1 miles, there is plenty of time to kick it in and start kicking butt. You are an awesome runner.

At 2:21 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Your excitement is contagious!! Can hardly wait to read about your upcoming success!!

At 2:40 PM , Blogger Joe said...

> I am officially scared to death!!!!

I was in the same place last week. Try to find something to keep your mind busy. Walk a movie or two, for example. I watched Rocky Balboa last week. I was totally shocked! It was actually really good!


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