Sunday, April 29, 2007

Almost There

Today we did 20! It was great! Felt soooo good and by the end I was like, Come On, lets do another 5. But I Didn't because the race is in 2 weeks to the day!

We were supposed to run one minute to 90 seconds slower than race pace. So, I ran it in 2:11. Theoretically, in a perfect world, this means that I could run it in 1:50. I don't expect this, like I said, the world isn't perfect.

This week, I have been taking it easy, kind of a self-induced taper. I ran Tuesday, Wednesday and Today. I have been feeling a little "Twinge" on the outside of my knees, so I'll listen, ice, and hope it clears up. Could be nerves. I am just sooo excited:)

Hm. 14 days. Can you believe it?!?! I can't.

I am thinking about going on a "Detox get all this bad stuff out of my system" before the race. Like just start eating better. It's been a bad 4 days in regards to eating. Birthday parties, long workdays, but *Shrugs*

That's All. Finish Strong.


At 7:52 PM , Blogger Chad said...

Sounds like a good run. Good luck with the race.

On your question about reverse or forward tri's - the only difference is the order. Tri's are normally, swim, bike, run; but a reverse is run, bike swim - which I like better because swimming is not my best event and I tend to overexert.

At 8:15 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Nice job, Tiger! By all means, you want to feel lean and strong going into race day. 14 days is plenty to get ready. I ran my half with all kinds of twinges. The important thing is like you said, listen to your body. Don't repeat movements that make the twinges worse, keep good form, ice, blah, blah :-) Hold down the enthusiasm a little untell next week. I'm going to be worn out! LOL.

At 9:46 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Great job! Almost there, Tiger!

> I have been feeling a little "Twinge"
> on the outside of my knees

Your quads might be tight and they could be pulling your kneecap out of alignment. Using your fingers, with quite a bit of pressure, search for any small muscle knots on the outside of your thighs. Search all the way from the hip to the knee. If you find a knot, massage it according to these tips. Hope that helps (it helped me).


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