Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Duh Duh Duhn....

Speed work. Not so bad. Maybe I wasn't working hard enough. Rob was crazy today. Well maybe not but I swear he is out to confuse me. We did 200, 400,800, and in between we walked a lap. My lap (400m) time was 1:50. I'm okay with that. It felt okay though.. gotta push myself harder next week! You just wait Ill be crazy fast by race day (hahahahaha it's okay I know you can laugh)

So, you broke me down. I will show you what the half done product of my shirt looks like. The front of it says "Go Tiger Go" and the stripes are saved for special people like mom, dad, Sue, Science Teacher, etc. On the back it says "Rawr" and it's kind of a free for all with signatures and whitty comments...

So...apparently blogger doesn't want me to show them to you until it is done...(That's not an excuse, its really the truth...

Just a couple of funny comments..."Will I ever get my socks back?"..(I steal her running room socks on a regular basis)

"Spite can be a good thing. Don't trip" I do a lot of things because Rick tells me that I won't!

I ran speed work in different shoes because they were having a test drive and giving a way free socks.The things I will do for free socks :o)

I'm out, gotta do more homework!!!


(Gotta keep those marks up. I applied to 3 different universities and got into all of them! But I already accepted the one that I wanted! But that's a little cool.)

P.P.S...Im going to try hot yoga one of these days.

P.P.P.S...Im swimming Friday Morning

P.P.P.P.S...We're having a clinic after party!!!:o)

Im really gone now <3


At 9:13 AM , Blogger Joe said...

That sounds like a cool shirt. You will get attention for sure.


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