Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hm. Today I will post twice, because I have 2 different things to post about and there will be about...ohh 5 or 6 hours in between.

So, Joe commented yesterday about Strategy and pre race nutrition and a great amount of other stuff...

And that got me thinking ...(to the point you could see the smoke barelling out of my ears)

Transportation: I will get to the race via my mom!! (I love you mom) She will awake with me at 5am, and acompany me to the start line. As soon as I have taken off from the start line, she will be meeting me at the finish line, with of course the camera, and the rest of my family.

What time to get there: The race director says to get there as early as you possibly can. The roads are shut down at 5:30 and the race starts at 7:30...so I'm thinking that we will be there by 6!!

Pre-Race Nutrition: Hmm.. I will start eating better. (BUt i Have been saying this since I started training and still haven't done it..) Lot's of bananas, nuts, and complex carbs like whole wheat pasta and bagels. I will also hydrate a lot before the race and pee a lot before the race too because I don't want to waste valuable race time using the potty. My pre-race meal will be at East Side Mario's (Mmmmmm)

Pre-Race Breakfast: Toast, with butter and honey. (Honey is supposed to be really good for runner's because it disolves slower than most.

During Race Nutrition and Hydration: I will carry a pod with sports beans, and probably about 4 gels with me just incase. I know that I will be spent by the end of the race. I will take Gels every 6 km and one before the race starts, about 30 minutes prior. I will munch on Sports beans during the race and drink when I am thirsty...(Or..when I am using Gels)

MP3 Player: Of course!! I will turn it down low though, because I want to feed off the crowds energy! Just an extra boost incase I need it. All of the songs will be upbeat.!!! Ohh and also I want to ask you..my blogger friends to each give me a song so that when I am running I will feel like you are right there with me, only several thousand miles away!!

Outfit: New Adidas Running shoes, Nike black Running Skirt, 'Go Tiger Go' shirt signed by everybody, pink Running Room anti-blister socks...

Bag Check: The race director (I got to talk to him luckily) says that you should have your bag checked by 7:15 at the latest to be at the start line for 7:30

Weather: Can't really control that. The weather historically though has been 16 degrees by the end of it, and sunny. Along lakeshore last year it was REALLLY windy though. Like I said, I can't control the weather but I can know the course

Race Strategy: Okay. This is the one that was most difficult for me. I was asking my mom and my step-dad and they kept saying..."Don't Trip," "Pretend you're running from something that is going to get you," "Put one foot infront of the other," but really...hmm strategy...

*Run with the 1:45 pace group...even if I just keep them in sight I am still going to run a good half.
*Don't go out too fast, kind of ease into my pace
*The way there is mostly uphill, so run the uphill at a steady pace, and then make up for it on the downhill
*Sprint the last 3km....just go all out and get there...

Whatchya think??

Warm-up: ...Im stumped. I guess just watch what everyone else is doing and follow them?! haha

That's all til next time. I have a pic in the next post!



At 4:02 PM , Blogger Joe said...

I've got a great song that you won't find on iTunes or anywhere else for that matter. However, I don't want to post the link publicly. If you're interested, send me an email message and I will reply with the link. Send it to "cyboc [AT] shaw [DOT] ca". Of course, replace AT with "@" and DOT with "." (if you are not familiar with this custom, I'm doing it to fool email harvesting robots).

Your race strategy seems sound to me. I didn't know you were in the 1:45 pace group! Wow! You're pretty fast, Tiger.

As for warm up, how many miles does it take your legs to warm up during your Sunday long runs? If it takes 1 mile, then maybe you should do a 1 mile warm up. Just my two cents.

At 4:52 PM , Blogger Wes said...

Pre race warmup... Please note I did not follow this myself :-) 2 minutes of walking, 2 minutes of slow jogging, 2 minutes of fast jogging, 2 minutes of running, walk 2 minutes. 4 100 meter sprints. The idea is to stress your lungs, get them working. Warm your legs up.

Race stategy? Take it easy on the uphills. High foot turnover, shorter steps. Take advantage of the downhills and coast, but fly! Most of all, have fun and come back and write us great race report.

At 10:58 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Your rate strategy sounds very aggressive! I'm also racing this Saturday with Allen & Angie at the Salt Lake City Half Marathon...I might join a 1:45 pace group also!! Gosh, your race weather sounds very cold and I hope Salt Lake City won't be too cold. I find that I don't need to carry carbs during a half-marathon, have you been training with the same carbs?

At 1:08 PM , Blogger AddictedToEndorphins said...

Agressive is better than not agressive enough...(I might not be saying that the day afterwards) and I am running with the 1:45 pace group but like I said if I fall a little behind I am totally okay with that!! My race goal is 2hours, I just want the extra boost to finish beofre that maybe.

I am very used to training with carbs, so I am going to take them anyways. I find even on my LSD runs that I am gassed by 12 km, so whatever works I guess.

Good Luck with Your Race on Saturday...4 days!! Are you excited yet?!!! I can't wait for the race report!!

At 10:53 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

I'm almost too excited about my upcoming race, I'll have difficulties sleeping on Thursday and Friday!!

I find I'll have a faster result if I start out slow and gradually build speed.


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