Monday, April 02, 2007


I am now a Morning Runner. Meaning, I run in the mornings. Tried it Saturday morning and loved it, as you can see from my Last post. Just wonderful.

I also think that the fact that it's the first thing I do in the mornings, and can spend the rest of the day doing less important stuff.. (Like homework, and working and stuff) and...I work everyday but Tuesday this week. (I refused. I have hills. I love them) Also, running in the morning just makes me feel good the WHOLE day. No tiredness. It's just good. The only problem I forsee is not having enough time to do easy recovery runs. Ohh well, I will figure it out.

On that note, I ran this morning. It was good. 4 km. 25 minutes. Felt good. Nice and warm. And Fred woke up. (Fred is my Garmin) He told me my average pace was 6.10/km. Im cool with the pace considering I ran 16.21 yesterday?

I know what your thinking...You ran 16.21 km yesterday Tiger? And you didn't tell us

Hold your horses guys, I was getting there!

(Im in a better mood in the morning too.. haha)

Yesterday I ran 16.21 km. My time was 1:41. Average pace: 6:16/km. Now, I have to say something about this. I ran an extra 210 meters, shaved 12 seconds of my average pace, and finished about 2 minutes faster. And we had bigger and more hills. Now, I think the marathon place should be sued for false advertising. Geez. They said that there is like 2 small inclines during the race, one at 10km, and one at 30 km. Trust me, there are hills. Oh well, member, I like hills. One thing I am glad I know that is there, is this crazy bridge that goes over a river. The sidewalks are narrow, and the railings aren't high enough. And cars go over top of it. So you have to decide which is better, have car zooming at your face feeling liek they're going to hit you, or looking over the side that's as deep as the Grand Canyon. I chose to just basically look at the ground and run very very fast. And it was raining. Hard. I loved it. Soo much fun. Until the end when the wind was cold near the lake. I hated that. Then, I was supposed to work at 4. Guess what my mom said to me...."Tiger, work called. They want you to come in for 12."

So I went in. After I had a shower because I was so cold. I met the closest person to my age. Her name is Sherill and she is 23.

Don't got time for much else. Talk to you tomorrow after hills!


At 10:04 AM , Blogger Joe said...

I haven't named my Garmin yet. I'll put that on my todo list.

Great job on the long run. You improve every week!

At 1:47 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

I love running in the mornings too, but must get out earlier, it's getting 80 degrees farenheit by 10:00 a.m. in Las Vegas! I enjoy morning run also due to my afternoon nap...old fogies like myself love naps!

At 8:44 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Isn't running in the rain fantastic? I can do without the coldness though, as I'm sure you can too, even if you are a bit more used to it. I have the Garmin 205 as well. I didn't see the point of spending the extra 100 bucks when my 32 dollar HRM from Polar/ works just fine.

Running in the morning is definitely cool. It jumps you off for the rest of the day. I'm just so NOT a morning person :-)


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