Monday, March 26, 2007

Moment of Inspiration

So, I was in Writer's Craft today and I was supposed to be writing a dramatic monologue, but Suddenly, I had a moment of inspiration and wrote a poem about...*Drumroll Please*...Running (Big Surprise, Huh?)

So, Here it is...It may not be great, but oh well, you poor people have to suffer through it.

My inspiration,
Is my persperation,
The beating of my heart
Going Right From the start

One foot infront of the other,
Out the front door,
I've done miles this week,
And I could do miles more

The road is empty
Just me and a dedicated few,
In the morning, or at night,
Things are in a different hue

Thinking of everything,
from life, to work, to play,
From everything I want to do,
To things that my heart won't say

This time I have is my freedom,
Time to be alone,
Taking in life in every way,
Running always makes my day

Hahaha. Sorry. I was bored. Whatchya think?! Should I change my profession and become a professional writer?! ha.

So, I feel pretty good today. Minor residual soreness. Not too bad at all. Could've run but I seriously have to start focusing on school. I just failed a test today. No word of alie. It was so hard. Sigh. Oh well.

Tomorrow we are doing HILLS!!! YAY!!! Only 48 days until my Mississauga Half Marathon. :o)

Keep on Keepin' On


At 9:31 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Good poem. If you set it to some upbeat music, I'll put it on my mp3 player and run to it. :-)


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