Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stepped out


Today, this is not Tiger, it is her body. Today, I had a good talking with her. I had been subtly telling her for the last couple of weeks, that she may need to lay off a little. I do not like her running on Saturdays. After a long week at school, I was feeling exhausted. I wanted to tell her, and I tried to tell her, but she just wasn't listening.

Today, her and I had it out. She was running at about like oh...7 30, and after about 15 minutes, I had had enough. I tried to gently tell her this. But no, she is too stubborn and wouldn't stop and I cramped all the muscles in her calf and foot up. She's still trying to figure out exactly why this happened. She has concluded that it is her shoes, which are toast. Luckily she has a pair on stock in her closet. I only did this because she was dehydrated, and not drinking ANYTHING. What a Silly girl, she is.

Hmm, I have told her that she should check out for today, as she just finished, after that dreadful run, 9-4:30 at Chuck E Cheese, and 5-9:30 at Swiss Chalet. She was half checked out anyways.

I must go, She hopes that all is well.

Tigers Body

Ohh, and one other thing, my building managers neighbor is an Olympic Marathoner from Poland, and she is going to set up a meeting between me and her!! Who knows, maybe I will be on the front of Runner's World. Oh the dreams we have! (You don't have to humor me) Wish me luck on my Longest run EVER!


At 9:37 AM , Blogger Joe said...

I thought you signed up weeks ago? Well, congrats on signing up.

As for the bad run, try to figure out what went wrong and learn from that experience. Did you have enough to eat and drink beforehand? Did you warm up enough before picking up the pace? Did you allow enough time off since your previous run?

At 12:26 PM , Blogger AddictedToEndorphins said...

Nah, Didn't quite sign up; wanted to make sure that my training was up to par,but I had every intention of doing it. Also there was no mail drop off registration and you can't mail cash and I don't have a checkbook or a credit card, so it was a little funny trying to get signed up...
My step-dad let me use his credit card and I got a 10$ Gift Card to the Running Room! Yay!

Hmm bad run...No food, No warm up, but yes I think there was enough time since my last run. We'll see, I guess that is the good thing about a "log"


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