Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Don't Like the Weather Man

I would prefer to live in oblivion. I don't want to know about the weather. Today was 10 C, and Yesterday was like 14 C. Tomorrow, it's going to be 4C and its supposed to get colder. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I will be grateful for this weather when it gets warmer. Right?! Probably not. I would rather be too hot, than too cold.

So. Last night must have been a full moon because all of my brothers and sisters were going crazy today, and each of them individually had a nervous break down, one at a time, and then my mother had one too. Lovely, eh?! SO, I was a good daughter, and made dinner, made cupcakes for my sister's birthday and cleaned the kitchen and living room. Yeah.

As for Kickin' It Up A Notch, I succeeded I think. The schedule called for a 4km TEMPO run. So, I decided I would do 4km, at a pace that was at a pace where I was almost at my Anaerobic Threshold. *(I think. To the point where I would have been able to throw out like 5 or 6 words...not sure of the terminology, but that sounded smart didn't it!?)

So, I Did 4km, (With 2 big hills) at a 5:28 Pace. Thats like 27 Seconds faster than my TEMPO Pace. So, I think that if I can continuosly do my TEMPO runs at this pace, then I can have a faster RACE PACE. (Note: Race pace is 5:30/km) Time was 21.58. No HRM. I did have a wicked shin splint at the end of it. At the bottom of my leg. From midway to my ankle. Stretched and iced. Should be fine. I am confident it is nothing more serious because it wouldn't have gone away while I ran, RIght?! (Just nod and smile) I am pretty happy with todays run.

Tomorrow, I am contemplating cross training. I don't know if I am going to run. Depends on what the boss of mine tells me. (The boss is my body).

Hmm...I think I've said it all...



P.S. I am getting some new SUMMER running clothes tomorrow. I am in need of a new sports bra. And I want a Running Skirt. And a pair of sunglasses. It's all good. And I am still need to make my shirts. Well, as my mother said, I have 2 months!


At 8:18 AM , Blogger Joe said...

4km, (With 2 big hills) at a 5:28 Pace? Wowzers! GREAT job!

Shopping for running gear is fun isn't it? Hehe.


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