Sunday, March 04, 2007


Ran 10km today. Well...9.91. in an hour. But then I ran to starbucks to get my mom, so its 10.
Rob was crazy today. In the first kilometer we turned like 10 times. Keeping it interesting. My average pace today was 6:06/km

There was not many people there today, due to the Chilly Half Marathon in hamilton today. But it was very nice. Right at freezing with sun. But then there was wind and when we run into it its hard to breathe but thankfully, we didnt run into it very long. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor but it was a little tough. Until I started my music and then it was all good. :)

So. Summary. I don't have an excuse this week, except for the fact that I am trying to find balance between school, work and running, and it's a little tad bit difficult. I don't know if I will ever be able to run more than 5 or 6 days/week

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6.89km. Hills
Wednesday: Very sore
Thursday: IceStorm
Friday: 5k. Very sore afterwards
Saturday: 8.41km. Fell twice. Laughed a lot at myself
Sunday: 10km.

Total: 30.31

This is the goal for next week:

Monday: Recovery Run of 5 or 6km
Tuesday: Hills! How I love them. "4" repeats, although it may be more depending on where we run
Wednesday: 4km TEMPO at lunch
Thursday: Just depends on how I feel. probably my loop
Friday: No run. Rest.
Saturday: 8km, from home to highways 427 and back. Then work
Sunday: 12km!!!! (Im gellin'--yah thats what they told me, after runs get over an hour, than we can use supplemental energy)

So there it is. It is out there in cyber space. Now I am accountable. NO excuses I guess. Just so that it is on the record though, the training schedule says I should be at 26km running 5 days a week. So....

I also wanted to mention, that I think that I could do my half in less than two hours, due to the pace schedule I have been following. (or supposed to have been following)says that my LSD pace is 6:34-7:29, but my LSD runs have been 6:07, which includes walk breaks. Tempo/fartek,hills=5:55 per km. I run my hills much faster than that, and my Steady run pace is my Tempo Pace. I run my Tempo at my projected race pace. I dont know, i just thought that was interesting. It is either this or the 1:45 time. Which is IMPOSSIBLE So I will stick to my goal.

Oh, and on a weather note: Well, I cannot find the info i just hope it warms up. You know what they say "March in like a Lion, Out like a Lamb"

Okay, I got a room to clean, a shower to have, and a job to go to.

Finish Strong,


At 12:21 PM , Blogger Joe said...

Hi Tiger, thanks for dropping by my blog. Thanks for the fuel belt tip. That consensus seems to be that the fuel belt is the bomb, baby.

The half marathon is May 6 in Vancouver.

It sounds like you had a great run today.

> I don't know if I will
> ever be able to run
> more than 5 or 6 days/week

Don't feel bad. Not too many human beings can. As for me, I never run more than 3 days a week and never longer than about 20 miles in a week. I like to mix in 3 swim club practices a week for crosstraining. It saves some wear and tear on the joints of the lower body.


At 9:05 AM , Blogger Joe said...

> I ran to starbucks

OMG! As Don Cherry would say, you're a "good Canadian kid" so you should run to Timmy Ho's instead!

Actually, I get coffee from both places. It's all good.

At 12:28 PM , Blogger AddictedToEndorphins said...

It just so happens that here in Toronto there are Timmy's on EVERY corner, EXCEPT on the lakeshore!

If it's any consalation,
I like Timmy's better:)


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