Friday, March 02, 2007

Dreadmill/Ice storm

Yesterday, I did not make it to the dreamill. The police and everyone were telling people to stay off the roads. There was snow, and rain and ice pellets and winds like 100km per hour. There were trees that fell down and power outages. It was crazy.

This morning however, the buses were cancelled and my mother was uncomfortable withme leaving to go to school. If the weather is bad enough to canel buses, than schools should be closed. But I did make it to the gym today.

I noticed that every single ache or pain i have discovered while running outside, the kind that disappear after 10 minutes, were magnified like 10x's!!!!!
Does it change once you get used to it?? Is it because I have a different stride?!?! I lasted for 20 minutes. but I did a 5 minutes walk and a 5 minute cool down before i started counting time.

Will not be going to the gym tomorrow, will be hitting the roads. It is supposed to be very nice tomorrow. Just a little rain. I do hope that all of the puddles are cleared up. But I will still be hitting the roads if they are not.

It's time for spagetti.



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