Thursday, March 01, 2007

Revampish schedule

I am changing my schedule around once again. Why?! Because after hills on Tuesday, I had muscles in my body that I didn't even know existed hurting. Yes. So, Wednesdays has become a rest day for a while.

But, I like the pain. It shows me that i am working hard.

Today, I have a date with the dreadmill. Yeah. We are getting an icestorm today and my gym opens today. Perfect timing. I also have a lot of things I have to memorize for tomorrow's test. So,I will make cue cards, and study while I run. Multi-Tasking is my speciality:)

Hopefully I won't die of boredom. Or on the way home in the ice. Haha,


OH. Healthy eating update...I ATE FISH YESTERDAY!!!! Now, if my mom didn't tell me it was fish I would have thought it was chicken or osmething. It tasted really good.


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