Sunday, March 11, 2007


Good-morning to my fellow bloggers,
Last you heard I was locked in my house.

I am feeling a littttttle bit better. Ihave been popping vitamin C and Vitamin "I" (Advil) and am feeling a little beter. I haven't excersized since wednesday. (dreadmill). I missed this mornings long run with the running room. I really didn't feel up to it, but i did manage to WALK 5k at the gym.

I will attempt to do my long run tomorrow...but very slowly! BECAUSE...HILLS ARE ON TUESDAY!!!:) I finally showed my mom the hills we ran.

I also weighed myself today...
and i weigh 9 lbs heavier than before i got into my serious training stuff. I do not believe that it is all muscle though, because I mean come on, 9lbs?!? But I do have some very nice legs and will soon have some very nice Tummmy Muscles.

So, instead of doing a weekly summary, I am going to skip right to next week.

monday: long run 12k--Partially crosses half marathon route
Tuesday: HILLS!!! (Can't wait)
Wednesday: 5km TEMPO run
Thursday: RECOVERY run. Much needed
Friday: REST
Saturday: 8km Steady Run
Sunday: 14k!!!---THat'll be a new record

I gotta go, Hope all your weeks were grand...


At 7:57 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Yikes, that looks like a tough week. Where's the crosstraining?

At 8:38 AM , Blogger AddictedToEndorphins said...

...I do weights, (upper Body Tuesdays Thurdays and Saturdays.)

I am also going to skip Thurdays run and try swimming or something instead.


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