Monday, March 12, 2007


I have made an exectutive decision.
Last Week is History. I am officially forgetting about last weeks Steady, Tempo and Long Runs, and starting off fresh today. I figure if I work out this weeks schedule as posted in yesterdays "Update" post, I should be able to do my 14km long run... (INSERT REASSURANCE HERE)...

I decided this while I was on my long run.
I was running, and struggling a little bit, and I was thinking that maybe I should cut the run short, and just finish early. The scheduled was 12, which I seperate into 2, 6km loops. Half way through the first left, I turned the corner and headed home (which still made it 6km)

All the way home, I kept thinking, I can still do a 12k run today, I can still do a 12 k run t oday, but then I kept thinking...I dont wanna burn myself out, I dont want to hurt myself...

So I just went home.

6km in 36:38. No HRM but a little trouble breathing due probably to last weeks cold...

Oh, and in other news, my tight tight running tights, have extra fabric.!!! Haha. Yes.

Im going to the malll.



At 8:23 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Good call. Never be afraid to modify your workout plan when the need arises. Your body is the boss, not some schedule on a piece of paper.

> my tight tight running tights,
> have extra fabric.

Hmn. That took me a minute but I get it. You lost some weight, right? Good for you!


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