Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kickin' It Up a Notch

I need to Kick It Up a Notch.

The hills today were great. Like as in they felt great. I doubt that I will be sore tomorrow. So, I think I need to kick it up a notch. We did 9k today. in like 55 minutes. But that includes the walking and the stopping, so it was really like 49 minutes. Yah, I made a wrong turn and got lost with a couple other people. We knew where we were though, so we made our way back and ran an extra 1.5km.

I think that tomorrow I will actually be up for my 5-6km TEMPO run, at a 5:55 pace. I am starting to feel really good about my training.

A lot of people that I run with are mentioning problems with their knees or other body parts, and they only run 3 days a week.
Due to my past problems with my knees, I am quite impressed with how my knee is holding up. It may be in part to Runner's World, and my continuos Icing. Yes. I ice religiously. 10minutes on, 10 minutes off and another 10 minutes on.

But I will not over do it. This weeks long run is the Half Marathon Route...well 7km of it. We start backwards though and since it is a net downhill, we'll be going uphill for 7km. The way back may be a little easier.

Hmm. Not much else. I walked 10k today in Downtown Toronto with 2 of my 6 siblings. It was good. Mmmm how I love Toronto Hotdogs. The best part of the whole experience. Better than the getting lost. (I am, how you say, directionally impared)

Anyways, I am making my shirts tomorrow..."TEAM TIGER" Shirts for my siblings, and a shirt for me that says "GO TIGER GO, RAWR" Or something. Haven't quite decided. But the stripes on the shirt have peoples names inside them. The names of teachers and friends and my Running group. Everyone that wants to be there with me, or has supported me along the way!! Don't you love my creative idea?!

As Emril would say
"BAM" (Im kickin' it up a notch)



At 7:54 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Nice hill running! If you're not sore this far into half marathon training, you're one of the lucky ones, I think. Keep icing and as you said, don't over do it with the training.

Good idea with the shirts.

At 3:43 PM , Blogger anners said...

hiya! thanks for dropping by my blog...thought that I would check yours out too! good luck with training for 'sauga! is it your first half?


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