Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pumped Up

Hills. Feeling Great. The legs are feeling great. The lungs are complaining. Allergy season or something. 6 hill repeats, 9.14km. Had a nice chat with Helen on the way home. Just about life, and goals and stuff. Why we run. It was nice. Shes such a nice lady. She says she feels a little responsible for me because she is old enough to be my mother. Haha.

So 6 Hills, 9.14km,58 minutes. *(We walked down the hill) Avg Pace was...6.14 including the walks. Hills themselves were pretty fast. I was so tired. I had to drag myself out of the house today. It was tough. I was so cold, and just, didn't really want to leave.

But whatever. It was okay.

In other news, the WEIRDEST thing ever happend. EVER. Okay, So know how I ran my 14.34 km on Sunday, Monday I HAD NO PAIN!!! NOTHING. Not even the shin splint that I always have. It disappeared. Isn't that weird?!!?!?!?!?! I posted a question on about.com and someone said that it might be "Niggles" and someone else disagreed. Ha. All I know is I am currently pain free.

The Race director came in today. Oh MY GOSH!!! IF I WAS EXCITED BEFORE You can imagine how excited I am NOW! (The answer is very excited.) Im sooo pumped up! Only like 53 days folks, 53 days.

Thursday I am doing my long run. 16km. (Yet ANOTHER record) Depending on how I feel, I may do it again Sunday. Mr. Body is my boss. Tomorrow I am doing a TEMPO run at lunch and working out with some friends at the Y, (They don't want to work out on their own. ) Friday, no running, then we will go from there.

Hope all is Well,

*Must stop procrastinating


At 7:48 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Great hill run. Keep putting those hill miles in the mileage bank. You'll need them on race day.

At 7:07 PM , Blogger Wes said...

Hey there, lurker! errrr, I mean Tiger!! Thanks for the kind words and support. When I see the word "Canada" in someones profile, I think Brrrrrrr! Those folks are tough :-) So you are training for a half?? And all your runs are in kilometers? Sweet! I can hang with that! LOL. Just so ya know, I have to drive somewhere around here to find flat, but when you get to a flat race, you are more than ready. K. Enough rambling. You be good.


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