Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Couple of Firsts

So, I don't have much time considering I have a 6 page paper due in 12 hours that I haven't started, so here's my excitment.

1. Today was my longest run to date. I have never run past 11.77km. Today, I ran 14.34km. Time was 1:30. Avg Pace: 6:24. Now, we ran this route on the race course. But we started near the end, and at our half way point, we turned around, and came back. We went down a BIG hill, and then we turned around and wents back UP the big hill. Yeah. It was pretty tough. But I did it.

2. I used a gel. There has to be a trick for that. It was horrible. The texture of it was like Oatmeal without the chunks. Yes, thats a good analogy. But, it didn't taste bad. Actually, I must admit, it tasted pretty good. Chased it with water. Ran on the flat, then turned around. For those of you that have run with the running room before and are familiar with the mandatory 10 and 1's, should know that until I got up that huge hill, and then I walked. After I walked, came the boost. . I took the gel at about 6km, it kicked in at about 7.5...I was completely tanked by 13k. Oh well.

3. I have a blister. It is on the inside of my foot, on the arch. It hurts. *Sigh* I have been walking on the outside of my foot for that entire day. At Chuck E Cheese, then at Swiss Chalet. It was tough. Probably won't run tomorrow, just swim or something.

4. My step-dad and I might be doing a "try a tri" together. WE both need to hit the pool!

Hmm.. not much else I don't think. Ohh...

SUMMARY! (And you thought you'd get out of it this week!)

Monday: 6km
Tuesday: 9km Hills
Wednesday: 4km TEMPO Run
Thursday: Cross Training
Friday: Too darn busy
Saturday: 2.5km
Sunday: (ready?!) 14.34km!!!!!!!!

Total: 35.84

And I'm okay with that!=)

Keep Keepin' On!



At 8:55 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Wow! 14.34km. Way to go! And your time was good too!

What brand and flavour of gel did you take? I recommend vanilla or espresso Gu. They are the best selling Gu's at the local Running Room. Do NOT take strawberry-kiwi Carb Boom. You will hurl chunks!

At 10:59 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Congrats on your longest run to date!!! I don't really care for the texture of GU's, I prefer Sport Beans, that are made by Jelly Bellys and taste like candy. Try the product, "second skin" that works very well on blisters.


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