Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Short and Sweet

That was probably the hardest hill run I have EVER done. No word of a lie.

Instead of just jogging my way there, I ran with Alan, and Richard. (The fastest guys in the clinic) My normal ohh 6 40/km on the way there turned into 5:10/km for the first 3 km.

The hills were done at an average of 4:00/km, my fastest being 3 38/km. Total distance...10km. Time...54 minutes. And that is the fastest 10k I have EVER done. The way back was just the same. I started to fall back a little but they just kept pushing me (Which I really didnt mind) and the ways back 3 k was 4:58, 5:15, 5:27... I started to slow a little but overall I am impressed.

Sore feet. Couldn't feel my toes. And I had swollen hands. Never experienced that before. I'm not too worried though.

I notice that as it gets nicer (TOday it was 22 degrees and considering that I completely underdressed....yeah..skirt and COTTON t-shirt. Cotton truly is rotten...i ended up taking my mommy's sweater after the run. ) the harder it is to breathe. Sigh. I can get through thtat though. I learned a new breathing technique. In through the nose, out throught the mouth. Apparently you get more oxygen that way. Anybody got any other techniques for breathing?

My brother (The one that's high needs with a seizure disorder) said that I inspired him to do a 10k walking class:o) I'm telling you, Canada is soon going to being a better and more healthy place because of me.

Hmmm...not much else. Just incase you didnt get anything else from that...that was tough. Need techniques for breathing, underdressed, fast, canada healthier place.

The end,



At 11:45 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Wow, I swear you get faster with each and every run you do. Your progress is remarkable.


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