Friday, March 30, 2007

Mental Roadblock

I feel as if I am at a "Mental Roadblock".
I ran at lunch today. A short run. LIke as in very short. Like as in 4km...Less that 3 miles.

During this run, I had NO problem. None at all.
Infact it was a nice run. 6:10/km because of stop lights. Forgot to hit the "Stop" button. duh. But during the running part I was running on average of 5:30ish per km. I felt great. I can run faster, all the time now. faster than normal.

I dont know. i dont know why I didn't do more. Maybe its the shoes. The unlucky shoes.

Oh, and I have decided something. The schedule is nice, great to know how much I should be running, and a schedule of how the things should increase and stuff. Hm. But know what, if I don't run tomorrow, then I don't run tomorrow. If my schedule says I should run 4 days, and I run 6, and if I run 6, if Im supposed to run 5 and I run 3, so be it.

On that note, if I don't run at all, That is your cue to yell at me;o)...odds are we won't make it to that step.

Maybe I just need a new Mantra, and a new Power song.



At 9:46 AM , Blogger Joe said...

A new power song? What is your current power song?

If you like the Rocky movies, I can set you up with a great version of Gonna Fly Now that you can't find on any CD or online music service. If you are interested, send me an email by clicking the Email Me link on my sidebar. Make sure to replace the spam-preventing [*AT*] and [*DOT*] in my address with the appropriate characters, @ and ..


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