Friday, May 25, 2007


I am not just making new goals, I have also decided that I will start a new way of eating. A healthy way of eating. Right now, my diet consists of Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Spagetti....And a bunch of other "High Fat" Bad for you stuff.

My mom is on a medically supervised diet. She goes in once a week to get weighed and if she hasn't lost two pounds, she is accountable for them. Now, my diet won't go that far, I just want to feel better, have more energy. Hopefully become a lighter, fitter runner. (Weight Training to Come)

I don't really have an action plan for this. I will eat whole grain carbs (Spagetti and bread and all that other good jazz), lots of veggies (Carrots, cucumbers and brocoli), Some fruit (Can't wait until peaches and berries come in season) and I will try and start to eat yougurt (I don't really like the texture of anything so this one might be a little tough. My snack attacks will be fufilled by almonds and other nuts.

My biggest weakness is Salt and Vinager Chips. So, I will take cucumbers and dip them in "Salt" and Vinager. There soo good and a whole cucumber is only like 30 calories. Oh, and We have also switched to "half salt".

The hardest place for this to happen is at work. I will have veggie burgers, and I will bring my own whole wheat bun and low fat cheese. I won't have fries too often. Yah gotta cheat sometime.

I think this is doable. It's gonna be tough for the first little while but yah know. I can handle it. . .

It's really hot here in Canada today. Well, Ontario atleast. It's like 35 degrees celcius, plus the humidity. Yesterday afternoon, about noon, I went for a run. Well I don't know if you can call it a run. It was more of a walk, run, walk, walk thing. I sucked a litre of water out of my fuel belt and only made it 4km in like 28 minutes. It was a tad pathetic.

Hopefully Kingston is a little cooler:0) It's right beside the lake...Just humor me!



At 12:53 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

I'm also striving to eat healhier...the best time to lose weight is in our "base period" and not when in training for a race. I remember reading in Runner's World that a runner's diet should be 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% healthy fats. My weakness is Cool Ranch Doritos, which I'll have as a treat on my Saturday "cheat day."

At 2:23 PM , Blogger Fran said...

As much as I'd like to think that cucumbers are a direct substitute to potato chips, they just don't tast the same. Potato chips aren't that bad. if you get the low fat kind they're almost all carbs. Once you start getting into a serios training program, you'll find that you can't eat enough.


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