Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Don't you just love structure!

I know that I personally need it to function. This whole unstructured thing doesn't work very well for me, So what I am doing is creating my own "SUPER PLAN!" so that I have something to look forward to I guess.

Last week was much better running wise, and I felt great while I was running.I don't know the mileage, but I ran about 5 days out of 7, for atleast an hour each day. Since I felt good, I have my training plan scheduled with me running 5 days, and having Monday and Friday off.

Since I am computer illeterate and cannot figure out how to insert a chart, I ask that you bare with me, cause this might not look like its supposed to but you will get the idea!

So, the training will be done in four week blocks (Thanks Bruce for the idea). Three weeks of increasing mileage and intensity, and then a week of recovery.

Mondays will always be rest days
Tuesdays will be tempo runs. They will increase from 7km to about 10, and it will take about 3 weeks before the next increase.
Wednesdays will be speed work days. During recovery weeks, there will be no speed work, just easy runs. They will be done in 800's, starting from 6, going to 10. The pace I will be aiming for is about 4min-4:20/800 m. There will be a 2k jog there and back for warm-up/cool down, and 200-400m intervals in between each set.
Thursdays will be steady pace, going betwen 8 and 10km
Fridays again will always be rest days.
Saturdays are between 8 and 10km
Sundays are Long Runs. They are starting at 14km, going up to 24km. More in my head than anything. If I can do 24, I can do 21.1, Right? Right.

On recovery weeks, I will still do a tempo run,and a reduced distance long run of about 12 to 14km.

My tempo pace will be about 530/km. Race pace is 5:00 per kilometer. Ideally. LSD is 6:00-6:30/km

So, blogger friends, I need your help. What do you think. Good?? Bad?? Too much?? Not enough.

I will listen to my body though...



At 6:18 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Wow! With that kind of plan you'll be in the Olympics and running Boston in no time ;-)


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