Friday, June 08, 2007

General Runing

Cooper needs to learn how to heel. Yup. If I keep running with him, I will either get injured, or have a sub 3 hour marathon, should I start to train now for September. Yes. We ran. From my home, to the end of the block. This is about 600 meteres from my home. This dog is a strong little bugger. For that 600m, I was running a 5 minute mile. Yes, or atleast that's what the Garmin registered for lap pace.

At that point, I turned around, and we walked home. I gave him to my mom, and I said, "He needs to learn how to heel or Ill have a broken nose cause I tripped over him"

We are going to take him to Obedience school. He will be a runner dog before I knw it.

Speaking of running, there has been a lack there of it. There has been maybe 15 miles over the last 2 weeks. I am "Maintaining" my aerobic capacity. I can start running again on Sunday, cause I'll need a good break from studying anyways!

(Just for the record, having to right the words 15 miles over 2 weeks is very motivating to me.)

In more running news, I have a brother that is going to start running with me. We ran together yesterday. He runs about a 12:30 mile. Not bad for a new kid. But then again, when I ran with him, I did a couple of "Strides" (just cause I know what they are now and I wanted to try them and be able to say that) so I don't really know what his pace is. But he's got a long way to go!

Everything on the school front is much calmer now. I have exams to study for but I'm not too stressed cause I already have the sheets and I have 2 weeks to study. No more really serious assignments. I can make a comeback!

I have decided that my fuel belt does not carry enough water and will be investing in a Camel Back for the Summer months. It's going to be brutal. It's so hot out today (37 degreees celcius) and all I can do is drink water. Its too hot to eat. It's too hot to move. It's to hot to breathe. I need to run to the bank to get a new Bank Card. I don't know though. We are waiting for a severe Thunder Storm...

I think that's all. Off to work



At 4:57 PM , Blogger Wes said...

The sign of a true are infectious, in a kindly sort of way ;-)


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