Sunday, September 09, 2007

On Top Of The World

I have a solution to the problem of being overwhelmed at school.

Now, those of you who read my blog, already know what the answer is going to be before I am going to say it, but I will humor myself and pretend that NOBODY knows, and tell you all.

The way to staying sane, and not feeling as overwhelmed with school as I had in the past few days is simple...


The solution has been there infront of my eyes. I just have to prioritize. And that I will do...

My only issue day is Wednesdays...Class don't end until 5:30 and having to get on a go Bus, and then a city bus, and be down at the Running Room by 6:30 might be a tad bit difficult, however I do have a 4 hour break between Kine 1020 (health and fitness) and my Psychology Class...Hm.

There's a gym around the corner from my Kine 1020...Hm.

In this gym, they have machines, meant for running on...aka. Dreadmills...? Hm.

I'll work it out. This way, maybe I will be more ready to pay attention for my 3 hour psychology lecture.

The only other time Im super stressed about is during midterms, and final exams...Who knows, I may record my notes and listen to that while I run, and sleep and eat and do everything elsee...

So, today we went for a run. Many people took the summer off from running. Everyone seems to be getting conditioned back into shape for this marathon.

Everything is in Miles too. So, that means that I am training in miles, and my Garmin is in miles and all my info is in miles.

I have found them so demotivating. See, if I were to do a long run at a 6:30, and then look at my watch and it reads 10:30 Im like...AH! And it takes SO MUCH LONGER to hear the beep for it to start again, so...

It's just a mental thing. I guess. Im mental. We all know this.

SO guys, the run was good. I feel like Im on top of the world. I missed it, the running with friends and stuff. And the feeling good.

Oh, and yesterday I finally drank my 2 litres of water. I was so impressed. I just got them down. The eating is still not so great, but that will come with time--I promise.

So, to sum up my thinking out loud=IM going to be okay in University. I know this. How do I know this...because I will keep running!

Oh, and there are other little thoughts dancing around in my head of things I want to accomplish in the near future. Im enjoying this--being young and stuff. It's a good time, if you let it!

I can't promise that I won't right anymore stress filled rants about how much University stinks sometimes, but they should be fewer and far between.

Tiger is back, and she should be here til November ;0). Didja Miss me?
Keep pushing on...


At 11:43 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

Someday Americans should and will go metric like the REST OF THE WORLD! Nice to see you back and keep pushing on...these college days may seem very hard now, but later in life they'll be remembered fondly as the best days in your life!

At 8:21 PM , Blogger Wes said...

LOL. Cool thing, Tiger :-) Short runs on the dreadmill are OK...


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