Saturday, September 22, 2007


On the advice of Wes, I have decided to look around for Half Ironman training programs. I have found 2 that I like. The beginner plan is 20 weeks and the intermediate plan is 18 weeks.
So, I was thinking that I could start with the 20 week beginner plan, and then depending on how I feel, move into the 18 week intermediate program.

Then, I still have an extra 14 weeks, just incase something comes up and I have to miss a day, or I am finding one thing particularily difficult. November and April--they are going to be a test.

Oh. I have a goal weight too. I want to be 110lbs. Im 122 now. I mean I look fine, but I want to be leaner and have more muscle. So--there we go. That is out there too...Geeez are you overwhelmed yet? So many things...

I definately have 150 pgs to read by Monday. But I am still going for my run or I will not be able to concentrate. I have to work for an hour too.

I have more to say but not much time. I will post the links to my training plans soon.



At 12:10 PM , Blogger robison52 said...

I also have many goals this fall, the weight goal is a toughy!! It's a tightrope act to have enough calories to fuel your training, but also barely enough so you can gradually lose weight too. I'm currently 168 pounds, but would like to be 160 pounds before the "New Las Vegas Marathon." Weight loss is daunting, but doable.


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