Friday, September 21, 2007


That picture there is to demonstrate where I am at right now, in terms of being stressed. Each of the mans hands are on the twig, and he has almost broken it, but it is still hanging on in the center there. Yeah. I thought it was a good analogy. I haven't been sleeping though.

I have tons of readings to catch up on, and you might ask 'Hey Tiger, why aren't you reading then?' and I would have to tell you that I am not reading because I have just spent the past 2 hours reading, and I need a little bit of a mental break.

Several things today:

1) I am creating the curriculum for, and sending out the weekly e-mails for my moms walking class. I have to do the Monday clinic night. We will find a group leader to do Wednesday nights and Rick will do Sunday nights. I talked to my mom last night, and it is still going to be several weeks before she comes home. Ha. hahaha. It's not that funny.

2) I have changed my mind. I am accountable for that race. I was thinking and reading your comments and you're right, half the fun is being accountable. So. I am accountable. That, and I just figured out that 1.2 miles is 77laps of a 25m pool (Here we go again with metric and statuate numbers again.)

3) I have to set my Garmin back to Original Factory Settings. I have the Garmin 205. Is there a way that I can do this? The reasoning behind this? I was messing around with what I wanted to have shown on the different screens and now when I do a run/walk ratio on my long runs it won't beep at me, and it used to, and I want it to beep at me. So, any ideas would be appreciated.

4) I need an action plan. So...Bear with me...

Tiger's Half Ironman Action Plan:

October to December: Build up swimming endurance. Swim 2-4x per week and go slowly. When I am swimming, I want to go slowly. If I move slower, I can do more laps right? Once I do more laps, then I can work on speed later. I don't expect to be a Front Of pack Swimmer by my first half ironman;0). Build up biking endurance. Do 2x shorter rides of about an hour or two, and then one longer ride on the weekends. Build up from two hours to 5 hrs. Do one day trip to Mt. Nemo. Continue to train for marathon that I will not run. No brick workouts yet, just some double workouts.

Run:5x/week. Tempo, speed, general runs, and a long run.
Swim: 3x/week: To build endurance, no current goals (except to maybe be able to swim the 77laps I will need to swim)
Bike: 3x/week: To build endurance. Once the muscles start to build, then I can start to have distance goals in a certain time, but not yet.

January to May, 2008:

Now is the time when I will start to add speed into my swimming and biking. I will maintain the frequency of the times per week that I bike and swim but I will increase intensity. There is an Olympic Distance Triathalon in May that I may want to do. Will be running 3 races during this time period...The Chilly Half Marathon, Around the Bay(which by the way is older than Boston) and the Mississauga Half Marathon. Continue to train for Marathon which I will not run( or start again). Start doing shorter brick workouts. I.e. 1-2 hr ride, 1.5hr run. Officially register for the Muskoka Half Ironman on January 2oth. Work my way up to becoming a lifeguard instructor. My swimming instructor now says that it is possible by May...

June to September: Again, I will increase the intensity and quality of workouts, but I will maintain the number of times per week that I work out. I will, however, increase the number and length of Brick workouts that I will be doing..I.e. 4hr ride, 2.5hr run. Continue to train for marathon that I will not run...or will I. There is the option to do the Scotia full on September 30th (or whatever) next september. That would be my last race before 'taper' It will be a 2or 3 week taper. Goal for the Marathon IF i run it.... 3:20. Yeah. You can laugh. I know you want to.

Eating: 30:70 ratio. 30% bad meals, 70% healthy meals. Now, this is because then I won't feel like I am torturing myself so much. 3 junk food meals a week, the rest good, healthy, Irongirl meals. Alcohol will be of limited intake, but there are, of course, a few parties that I would like to go to. And then there's Christmas and New Years...No,folks, I am not an alcoholic.

On the Run Nutrition: find some sort of drink for the bike that replinishes just like Gels. I have heard someone say 'cytomax' and 'accelerade' so they are all worth trying. Continue to test new gels for running. I found one that I liked Yesterday during the 22k. It's a Carboom Gel. It's rice based. I got Apple Cinnamon Flavor and it tasted pretty decent. Next up: Banana Peach. Mmmm. Can't wait. ( i hope you can see the sarcastic face.)

Exceptions: Exam times. Midterm exams and full term exams. Hard hard stuff. So, I do recognize that I may fall off the boat, and just be able to do some of my workouts. I also know that excersize helps me focus better, so even if I do single workouts and no bricks for that week than I should be fine. I was also thinking that I may record my notes on my ipod so that I can listen to them on the run. *shrugs* it's worth a shot right?

Priorities: If I do get stressed to the point that I am unable to maintain my workouts before February, then I will continue to maintian my running and get better at that. I am joining the Intramural swim team at my school, so that should help to keep me motivated, and I won't be letting anybody down. It is the biking that worries me a little bit. But that's where you guys come in...

"So I ran and swam today"

Comments: 1: Annonymus: well Tiger, where is your biking?

Hah im kidding. No pressure guys. I think its a pretty good action plan.

Picking all tri brains: Do you know if I need a specific bike for a Half Ironman. My plan right now is to use my dads bike. I mean, it works and all...?

5)My shoes are dead. I mean, like DEAD. I mean like when I am walking, the heals, the heals squeak. They are done. I felt it yesterday. Iam not running the 3.5 miles on schedule today. Infact, at 2:30, I am going to work, then I am coming home and putting my body to bed.

6)As much stress as school is putting on me, alot of my courses are really interseting.

Time to get back to reading!

Take care, my lovely blogger friends.
Run, swim, bike strong (pick one, two or all three:0))



At 8:44 AM , Blogger Wes said...

First off, if you wait till January to sign up, you won't get in. It is filling up fast...

Second, you need an organized plan. Since you are mixing half marathons in with your half IM training, you might want to consider a customized plan from one of the coaches. If not, pick a half IM plan off the internet and go for it. Make adjustments for the running as needed.

Finally, its important to have a bike that fits. Any awkward movements will certainly manifest themselves over 54 miles, making your run that much more uncomfortable.

At 11:51 AM , Blogger Fran said...

Good luck with the training. You're quite ambitious with your goals!


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