Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking Ahead!


Psych test is done. Reading documents are handed in about two hours. This week is over, and that is a good thing.

I have 2 assignments that I am NOT going to procrastinate on, and I should be alright for a few more weeks.

As for Running, I am finding training for a race that I am NOT running, very de-motivating. Reality is, I don't think that I have time to train for any sort of Olympic, or Half Iron Distance Triathalon, Atleast not until the end of April...

SO, I have decided that I have to sit down, and plan my Race schedule for the next season. Yep. I do.

THIS, is what I was thinking..

I will keep trianing with my Marathon clinic, cause I paid for it of course, and then I am going to join the "Triple Crown Clinic" which does the Chilly Half Marathon, 30k Around the Bay, and The Mississauga Full. I, however will only be doing the Mississauga Half. I'll do the full next September, if I am ready!...There's no rush, right?

There are reasons that I am planning my race schedule.

1) Committment. I am committed if I pay for them. Yeah.

And since, races are expensive I have figured out a way to do them all. I will register for one race every paycheque. That way I am still getting registered, but I am dispersing the cost a little more evenly so it doesnt seem like so much.

I am contemplating an OLYMPIC distance try in August. I can start training in like, May. Cause Im off school in may and I can make training work around a job. Job's seem to have much less committment than school. You don't have to bring your work home.

Definatley not saying that your real life jobs are easy, Im saying that the jobs that i am involved in are easier than school. yeah. But, I am making an investment into my education...


Ohkay. Im back for a bit. Im definately going out tonight, cause I need a break from reality. It's gonna be so fun! Yay


Take care,


P.S. Tuesday, I went out for a run, a tempo run, with no garmin or hrm or anything. Just went for the goal of getting an endorphin high. And it worked. So! I went out, with this guy, like this super fast guy, and Guess what? I KEPT UP! i asked him what the time was at the end, and he said...3.5 miles in I was like...OK. That means, then that we we're running a sub 8 min mile~ ANd funny thing is, that it was relatively comfortable.


At 8:28 AM , Blogger Wes said...

Nice job on that super speedy run :-) There is no shame in starting out with a sprint tri, either. The training period is much shorter, and trust me, it can be as hard or as easy as you want to make it...

At 10:50 AM , Blogger robison52 said...

I was browsing at the bookstore the other day and saw a small book called "How Kenyan's Run." Appears they favor running in groups and/or with partners as they can run a faster pace that feels comfortable with others. USA teams like those in Michigan, Colorado and California have been running in groups with good results. Your running with a partner who's faster and you're running sub 8 minute miles comfortably also proves the point! Hmmm, I need to find a faster running partner too!!!


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