Thursday, October 11, 2007

Negative Progress

Hi Guys!

Im back. So, that little meltdown tiger had, actually made her feel a little better. Let me draw you a picture... note: I am the circle.


This was me when I made that post. (on the edge)


This was where i expected to be the next day. (over the edge)


This was me after my run. (Close to the edge)

Eventually I hope to be Here:


Thanks for your kind words.

Athletically wise, I gotta kick it up a notch. Like, after next Friday, there are no excuses. I know I have tests and stuff soon. My weekly mileage is about like 30. I should be at like 50 (kilometers) SOOOO...yeah.

The ironman is slipping away slowly but surely...
SO I am thinking Olympic Tri. There are more of those around I think. If I do a race of that distance, I think i want it to be a sanctioned Ironman race. Well thats atleast what everyone is telling me. The other one I am thinking of which is the `canadian half iron`is not a sanctioned event. Its flat and fast, but it is not as organized as an ironman event and its a looped course. I don`t want to have a bad experience and not want to train again. Everything has to be perfect!

Who knows, maybe I will skip the Half Iron and go straight for the full....

But as it stands, I don`t know hwere I stand:) haa.
I do know that OCTOPULUZA seems relatively pointless for me...

My new goals...
0.(most important) get all homework done, stay caught up and pass my psychology test.
1. Stay sane
2. Run, as much as I can

I have yet to get on the bike. I will have my bike in a month. My gym will be open soon. Someone suggested to me that I get the book `Going Long`...I get paid so I am going to pick a copy of the book up.

Um...I`ll eat healthy soon....

I dont really know what else to say. Hope everyone is doing fantastic and training hard. Im doing 18k tomorrow morning...

Take care



At 6:15 PM , Blogger Wes said...

The nice thing about the Olympic is that you train just as hard for the swim, and almost as hard for the bike and run. Unfortunately, there are no Ironman sanctioned Olympic events. Don't let that stop you! Avoid the newer races and go for one that has a rich history. They will have their stuff together :-)


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