Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Did you know that Nike built a track out of the soles of old running shoes?? I just learned that Right NOW!

Cool, eh? You can read about it here .

So, Im still alive. I only ran 2 times last week, cause of school and studying and work and everything else. I didn't do my long run cause I had to be at work at 11...So, they've changed it to run. I mean one. Lol, so i guess you can see where my mind is, eh?
This week, I ran Yesterday...3.5 miles (oh, and ill have you know that I wore my garmin Yesterday and the course was like 400 yards short, therefore it took me 29 minutes this week because I kept running around the block, which translates my pace into an 8:19... and there I was getting all excited...)

Tonight I am leaving my psych class 30min early so I can get down there for my run. We learn the importnat stuff first half of the lecture--everything else is in the text book...
So, we're 7 weeks into the clinic, and I have yet to do one tempo run...Can you say...Slacker?

But..I am back. Today is a Tempo Run and tomorrow is speed work! Yay, speed work. If I can fit the 10k steady run in between my binge drinking I will (hahaha. Im just kidding...)
Then Sunday we're doing 14 miles which may possibly be a new record...shoot, here goes this creeping mileage...

Hmm...and I am still smoothered in Homework and the school library has become like my best friend! Yay. haha.

Okay, I gotta go do some more readings so I can make it to my Running tonight!
Tonights run, is going, to suck!


At 8:39 AM , Blogger Wes said...

The most important thing needs to be your school work, but running comes a close second ;-)


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