Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Coffee Shop Thoughts...

Okay, so I have had some thoughts the last few days, on this whole half Ironman thing.
1) I am so excited and ready to get this training started. Im having fun with the marathon training, and I am willing to adjust plans wherever needed to make both training plans work. I, however am not holding my breath, Triathalons are a completely different beast...

2)I MIGHT HAVE FOUND MY BIKE!! Someone is willing to sell me a Men's 1 yr old OCR 3 Giant (No idea if thats in the right order) for 400$, and that he is in no rush to sell it and if it fits, whenever I am ready I am welcome to it! It's beautiful! I, however cannot justify spending $400 at once, so I am going to stop buying lunch at school, and bringing my lunch, saving several hundred dollars a month (No, seriously I'm not lying.) So I figure that he will be mine in 2 months or so...Christmas is coming up, you know ;O)

3. Nutrition: I have recently realized that I am not eating properly and that I am going to need to do something about my diet. I am CRAVING vegetables and water and the only time this happens is when I don't drink enough water or eat enough stuff that is healthy for me. So, I am not trying to make excuses for myself, but seriously with my mom in the hospital and all, I would honestly rather the extra 20minutes of sleep in the morning or the evening, rather than make my own lunch. I am going to try and implement the 30/70 rule. 3 meals per week are sort of, free meals. The rest are healthy meals. I am going to save my free meals for Monday lunch cause thats when everyone has their lunch together.. and yeah, the rest is to be decided.

I cannot, will not, refuse to, count calories. It is not in my brain or subconcious or whatever. I will not count calories. I will eat whole grains and veggies and fruits and stuff. And boneless skinless chicken breast and take a multi-vitamin and irontablets sine I don't like red meat or beets or anything of that sort.
AND I am going to get a York Waterbottle and make sure I drink 2 of them everyday so I am getting my daily intake of water which I ALWAYS suck at doing...

4) Introduction to Health and Fitness is the MOST interesting class ever! I love it! I can't wait until we do VO2 max or something cool like that. I have some interesting interesting stuff to share with you all but i have not enough time to do it.

5) Tomorrow I was supposed to go to pub's not going to happen. I am, instead going for a nice long bikeride on the bike with a baby seat on the back. Providing I finsih all of my homework. I am also, going for a swim at 7:30 tomorrow morning, and then my swim class at 10:30 (Swim class is VERY Basic..)
Then,it's on to some fantastic Homework. Can't wait.
Signing off from the coffee shop,

Monday, September 24, 2007

Training plans

Hi Friends,

Here is my Beginner Half Ironman Training Program....

It is approximately 20 weeks long.

After this point, I will continue onto an Intermediate Half Ironman Training Program...

It is 18 weeks long.

I have about 52 weeks until my first ever Half Ironman...

If my mathematics is correct, this means that theres about fourteen weeks for me to build a base before I have to start the intense training.

Any opinions??

Oh...And I am probably going to buy a used road bike!!!! Ill show you a picture when I have confirmed it with the person who may sell it to me!

Im still tired.
Take care...


Coming Soon-Exstensive nutrition plan that I make up when I should be doing readings and I probably won't follow very closely anyways...

Saturday, September 22, 2007


On the advice of Wes, I have decided to look around for Half Ironman training programs. I have found 2 that I like. The beginner plan is 20 weeks and the intermediate plan is 18 weeks.
So, I was thinking that I could start with the 20 week beginner plan, and then depending on how I feel, move into the 18 week intermediate program.

Then, I still have an extra 14 weeks, just incase something comes up and I have to miss a day, or I am finding one thing particularily difficult. November and April--they are going to be a test.

Oh. I have a goal weight too. I want to be 110lbs. Im 122 now. I mean I look fine, but I want to be leaner and have more muscle. So--there we go. That is out there too...Geeez are you overwhelmed yet? So many things...

I definately have 150 pgs to read by Monday. But I am still going for my run or I will not be able to concentrate. I have to work for an hour too.

I have more to say but not much time. I will post the links to my training plans soon.


Friday, September 21, 2007


That picture there is to demonstrate where I am at right now, in terms of being stressed. Each of the mans hands are on the twig, and he has almost broken it, but it is still hanging on in the center there. Yeah. I thought it was a good analogy. I haven't been sleeping though.

I have tons of readings to catch up on, and you might ask 'Hey Tiger, why aren't you reading then?' and I would have to tell you that I am not reading because I have just spent the past 2 hours reading, and I need a little bit of a mental break.

Several things today:

1) I am creating the curriculum for, and sending out the weekly e-mails for my moms walking class. I have to do the Monday clinic night. We will find a group leader to do Wednesday nights and Rick will do Sunday nights. I talked to my mom last night, and it is still going to be several weeks before she comes home. Ha. hahaha. It's not that funny.

2) I have changed my mind. I am accountable for that race. I was thinking and reading your comments and you're right, half the fun is being accountable. So. I am accountable. That, and I just figured out that 1.2 miles is 77laps of a 25m pool (Here we go again with metric and statuate numbers again.)

3) I have to set my Garmin back to Original Factory Settings. I have the Garmin 205. Is there a way that I can do this? The reasoning behind this? I was messing around with what I wanted to have shown on the different screens and now when I do a run/walk ratio on my long runs it won't beep at me, and it used to, and I want it to beep at me. So, any ideas would be appreciated.

4) I need an action plan. So...Bear with me...

Tiger's Half Ironman Action Plan:

October to December: Build up swimming endurance. Swim 2-4x per week and go slowly. When I am swimming, I want to go slowly. If I move slower, I can do more laps right? Once I do more laps, then I can work on speed later. I don't expect to be a Front Of pack Swimmer by my first half ironman;0). Build up biking endurance. Do 2x shorter rides of about an hour or two, and then one longer ride on the weekends. Build up from two hours to 5 hrs. Do one day trip to Mt. Nemo. Continue to train for marathon that I will not run. No brick workouts yet, just some double workouts.

Run:5x/week. Tempo, speed, general runs, and a long run.
Swim: 3x/week: To build endurance, no current goals (except to maybe be able to swim the 77laps I will need to swim)
Bike: 3x/week: To build endurance. Once the muscles start to build, then I can start to have distance goals in a certain time, but not yet.

January to May, 2008:

Now is the time when I will start to add speed into my swimming and biking. I will maintain the frequency of the times per week that I bike and swim but I will increase intensity. There is an Olympic Distance Triathalon in May that I may want to do. Will be running 3 races during this time period...The Chilly Half Marathon, Around the Bay(which by the way is older than Boston) and the Mississauga Half Marathon. Continue to train for Marathon which I will not run( or start again). Start doing shorter brick workouts. I.e. 1-2 hr ride, 1.5hr run. Officially register for the Muskoka Half Ironman on January 2oth. Work my way up to becoming a lifeguard instructor. My swimming instructor now says that it is possible by May...

June to September: Again, I will increase the intensity and quality of workouts, but I will maintain the number of times per week that I work out. I will, however, increase the number and length of Brick workouts that I will be doing..I.e. 4hr ride, 2.5hr run. Continue to train for marathon that I will not run...or will I. There is the option to do the Scotia full on September 30th (or whatever) next september. That would be my last race before 'taper' It will be a 2or 3 week taper. Goal for the Marathon IF i run it.... 3:20. Yeah. You can laugh. I know you want to.

Eating: 30:70 ratio. 30% bad meals, 70% healthy meals. Now, this is because then I won't feel like I am torturing myself so much. 3 junk food meals a week, the rest good, healthy, Irongirl meals. Alcohol will be of limited intake, but there are, of course, a few parties that I would like to go to. And then there's Christmas and New Years...No,folks, I am not an alcoholic.

On the Run Nutrition: find some sort of drink for the bike that replinishes just like Gels. I have heard someone say 'cytomax' and 'accelerade' so they are all worth trying. Continue to test new gels for running. I found one that I liked Yesterday during the 22k. It's a Carboom Gel. It's rice based. I got Apple Cinnamon Flavor and it tasted pretty decent. Next up: Banana Peach. Mmmm. Can't wait. ( i hope you can see the sarcastic face.)

Exceptions: Exam times. Midterm exams and full term exams. Hard hard stuff. So, I do recognize that I may fall off the boat, and just be able to do some of my workouts. I also know that excersize helps me focus better, so even if I do single workouts and no bricks for that week than I should be fine. I was also thinking that I may record my notes on my ipod so that I can listen to them on the run. *shrugs* it's worth a shot right?

Priorities: If I do get stressed to the point that I am unable to maintain my workouts before February, then I will continue to maintian my running and get better at that. I am joining the Intramural swim team at my school, so that should help to keep me motivated, and I won't be letting anybody down. It is the biking that worries me a little bit. But that's where you guys come in...

"So I ran and swam today"

Comments: 1: Annonymus: well Tiger, where is your biking?

Hah im kidding. No pressure guys. I think its a pretty good action plan.

Picking all tri brains: Do you know if I need a specific bike for a Half Ironman. My plan right now is to use my dads bike. I mean, it works and all...?

5)My shoes are dead. I mean, like DEAD. I mean like when I am walking, the heals, the heals squeak. They are done. I felt it yesterday. Iam not running the 3.5 miles on schedule today. Infact, at 2:30, I am going to work, then I am coming home and putting my body to bed.

6)As much stress as school is putting on me, alot of my courses are really interseting.

Time to get back to reading!

Take care, my lovely blogger friends.
Run, swim, bike strong (pick one, two or all three:0))


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Me Against The World

Friends, today I am telling you that the WHOLE entire world was against me. Seriously, the bus driver HAD to be 10 minutes late, and let people in along the way, and those people HAD to have an accident on the 403, and then I had to get on a bus where people had just the intention of slowing me down, and getting on at one stop and getting off at the very next stop. Seriously. It was all a conspiracy theory. Seriously. I got to Port Credit at 6:45pm....they left at 6:30...and I thought I would get there in time so I didn't save my transfer and had to pay agian.

Seriously, it was NOT a good day.

But I do have an announcement...

I am tentatively, maybe, possibly, not guaranteed, training for something that has been dancing around in this little head of mine for several months, and I may have just found the perfect one..

The dance...Ironman Muskoka 70.3...
I probably said that ALL wrong, but that is what the group on facebook is called...

It's in October 2008. I have OVER a year to train. I've already started Swimming. I swam 12 laps yesterday. It was exhausting. But, its a start right? Right.

Looks like tomorrows 22 is going to happen, and I start riding the bike on Saturday morning.

So this is what I am thinking. I am not accountable for this race. It's an idea and we will see how I can handle the time committment and stuff. Who knows. I think it will be fun.

Just thought that you should know. I have actually been thinking about this for about a I guess it is kind of official.

Train smart, finish strong.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

on The fence

Tonight was a 3.5 mile tempo which was fantastic, even though I was completely exhausted. I now cannot sleep, but it will be ok, I have an hour of bus rides tomorrow. Fantastic.
Tomorrow is a 6 mile tempo. Not looking forward to it.. It is apparently a very hard run, to do a tempo run of that distance, considering that the farthest most of us have run at that pace, nonstop is 6k. But, it will be a challenge none the less.

Thursdays 22k is on the fence. My mom is still in the hospital and is very angry that i cannot be part of the family and not be so selfish and come and babysit. So, the odds are that I cannot do that run, unless I can find a babysitter.,

Fantastic isnt it...My question mark key and quotations do not seem to be working.
Im a little stressed out. I do not seem to be taking the notes that I usually take and my mind and focus are not there, they are other places. It is actually a little bit worrysome...Honors only program. I gotta focus. I gotta take good notes.

Someone suggested I talk to the prof, but the profs honestly dont care. I gotta find someone who takes good notes...

I gotta go guys,
take care

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Same Old.

Today, I ran 10k with the Running Room. Everything is getting more and more comfortable. So that's a good thing.
We played a game on today's run. Robb, the instructor would name a band or some lyrics and I would have to name them. I think he wanted to feel old cause I didn't know half of them. It was fun though and made the time pass.

Tomorrow, I get to go and teach my mothers walking class, because Rick has to pick Rachel up from Grandma and Grandpa's but I will probably go there, go for a run, and then for a walk. It will all work out FANTASTICALLY I know it.

Tuesdays a tempo run, just over 5k. Wednesday is a 10k tempo run. I am not necessarily looking forward to this run. Well, actually not AT ALL. Everyone is telling me how hard that run, I'll bring my I-pod and play my mental games. Then Thursday I am running 22km with my friend who is doing the Scotia Half. It's gonna be FUN! I can't wait. Seriously I am a freak like that. Then, we're onto 13 on Sunday.

Hm. I don't really have anything else exciting to report, except that I am SO tired, and want to go to sleep FOREVER, but, nevertheless will wake up tomorrow morning at hmm...6:00 so I can get my butt ready for school. My bag is already packed though, so it's the dressing part.

Oh one more thing: "You Know You're in Kine when: You go to your non-kine classes and your the only one dressed in sweats, a pony-tail and running shoes, everyone else looks like their ready to go clubbing" or..." You know your in kine when: You have a backpack, AND a gym bag."

Take Care:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Long Runs are Fun!

Hey friends,
I skipped Yesterday's 10k tempo.


So, today, I went out for a long run with my friend who is Running the Half at Scotia. We did 20k. The company was fantastic, and today, the RUN itself was fantastic. Took us about 2hrs and 14 minutes and every single minute of it was comfortable. We decided that we were going to count the hills. There were 15. So, thats more than one per mile. Haha, we Rock. Although when I tried to take my gel, I vomited. Literally, and kept on running. Not fun. So, I am contemplating switching to the GU2O or some sort of a liquid powder.

Today was a day off, and I went to the mall with my sister. I got my hair cut, kind of spur of the moment. I was actually going to book it for tomorrow but the girl is like "I can fit you in, in an hour" so I figured I may as well, right? Right.
Its kind of like a bob. Shorter at the back and longer at the front, with side bangs. Think Victoria Bekham only not so intense. Pictures to come. When I get time. Or energy. Or both. Haha.

If you have an extra 3 minutes...Watch this video it cheers me up:0)


P.S. I need advice on what something to drink thats got like the electrolytes and does the same thing as a gel, but in a powder form. I cacn't do the gels anymore.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Hello folks,

It's another Wednesday! Don't worry, I am much more put together this Wednesday when I was last Wednesday. I am definately getting the hang of this University thing, and so far, I am understanding my readings, and remembering what happens during the lectures, so I guess this is all going to work out.

Last night I had to skip the clinic night because I had to go in and do some training at work. It is okay though, I headed out for a 6k tempo. Today, is another late day, so instead of going out for the free practice sessions, I am going to instead head home, and head out for a 10k tempo, which is what the schedule calls for.

As far as eating goes, I haven't really updated my eating habits. The week has been stressful. My mom ended up going into the hospital on Friday so that has put lots of stress on my week. But, I am still coping. Mind you it's only been 5 days and they are assuming she'll be there for 2-3 weeks. could take it's toll, especially when there are readings to be done and homework to do and papers to write, then....Nahhhh as long as I keep running I am fine.

The lockers at this school that you can get for a day are teeny tiny, So I have to find an alternative way/place to store my stuff so I can go to the gym. I just don't trust my laptop and stuff in a locker, that they have had issues with people breaking into. I could be crazy though.

Tomorrow and Friday, I am not attending school due to a Jewish Holiday called Rosh Hashana. I am not Jewish, but the school has a large Jewish population and therefor are giving us the holiday. The plan is to get a nice run in while my little sister is at school (I am babysitting because the babysitters daughter is getting her tonsils out). If I do not manage to get this run in, or I decide that instead I would like to sleep, or if for some reason I just want company (even if I do get the morning run in, then I will join my friend on a nice leisurely 18k on flat ground. Reallly this time, because it's much cooler than it was last Thursday. Wait, I lied. I am going for the 18k run, and should I decide that I want a morning stress reliever I will run the 6 or 12 or whatever it is that I want to do.

Hmm...other things, other things. My friends and I have figured out our schedules so we can meet more often during classes! It's great! Just because we are in the same lectures does not mean that we will sit together, because half the time, we can't find each other but some of us have breaks around the same time, so we meet for lunch or to chat or whatever.

So. That is about the just of that so far, I still have about ohh 3 hours until my psych lecture. Trust me, if there was a place to sleep I would. I have all my books and everything I need, so I might read over something again. Can't hurt, right?

So before I go, I will leave you with 2 of my favorite FROSH week pictures. The first one, is of the Toronto skyline, from the boat. It's really neat, and I liked how it turned out.
Or Vise versa, since I can't format!
And the last one is of some of my fellow froshies.

Finish Strong,


P.S. I am now going to catch up with all of your blogs :o)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

On Top Of The World

I have a solution to the problem of being overwhelmed at school.

Now, those of you who read my blog, already know what the answer is going to be before I am going to say it, but I will humor myself and pretend that NOBODY knows, and tell you all.

The way to staying sane, and not feeling as overwhelmed with school as I had in the past few days is simple...


The solution has been there infront of my eyes. I just have to prioritize. And that I will do...

My only issue day is Wednesdays...Class don't end until 5:30 and having to get on a go Bus, and then a city bus, and be down at the Running Room by 6:30 might be a tad bit difficult, however I do have a 4 hour break between Kine 1020 (health and fitness) and my Psychology Class...Hm.

There's a gym around the corner from my Kine 1020...Hm.

In this gym, they have machines, meant for running on...aka. Dreadmills...? Hm.

I'll work it out. This way, maybe I will be more ready to pay attention for my 3 hour psychology lecture.

The only other time Im super stressed about is during midterms, and final exams...Who knows, I may record my notes and listen to that while I run, and sleep and eat and do everything elsee...

So, today we went for a run. Many people took the summer off from running. Everyone seems to be getting conditioned back into shape for this marathon.

Everything is in Miles too. So, that means that I am training in miles, and my Garmin is in miles and all my info is in miles.

I have found them so demotivating. See, if I were to do a long run at a 6:30, and then look at my watch and it reads 10:30 Im like...AH! And it takes SO MUCH LONGER to hear the beep for it to start again, so...

It's just a mental thing. I guess. Im mental. We all know this.

SO guys, the run was good. I feel like Im on top of the world. I missed it, the running with friends and stuff. And the feeling good.

Oh, and yesterday I finally drank my 2 litres of water. I was so impressed. I just got them down. The eating is still not so great, but that will come with time--I promise.

So, to sum up my thinking out loud=IM going to be okay in University. I know this. How do I know this...because I will keep running!

Oh, and there are other little thoughts dancing around in my head of things I want to accomplish in the near future. Im enjoying this--being young and stuff. It's a good time, if you let it!

I can't promise that I won't right anymore stress filled rants about how much University stinks sometimes, but they should be fewer and far between.

Tiger is back, and she should be here til November ;0). Didja Miss me?
Keep pushing on...

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Well, Friends,

I have gained some...perspective during today's run. I won't necessarily over-analyze this run, but I will point out a few things.

Sleep: Or lack their of. I haven't slept more than 4 hours since two Sunday's ago. I am tired.

Eating Habits: It's hard to eat healthy when there are no healthy options on Campus. There is Subway, but it's not a good one.

Water: Haven't drank enough water since last Sunday. A lot of pop, and that's about it. (It IS diet pop though. ahha it doesn't make much of a different.

Heat and Humidity: 32 degrees celcius with a 40 degree humidity factor. Splashed lots of water over my face throughout run, ran through random sprinkler at the park, and splashed disgusting lake water all over face.

I managed 12k. Shrugs. Whatever. It's ok.

I have officially signed up for the Race the Mouse Or Walk the House Marathon clinic at the running room. Yep. Im not running the race, but it'll keep me in line. I missed my running friends. The run SUCKED but the company was awesome.

We ended up splitting up near the end, cause I had stomach cramps (not cool) and on my walk towards the running room, I gained a lot of perspective into life, and University.

I wrote a post earlier about how University was going to be like a race, but now, maybe it's not a race. Maybe it's the training. I remember when I was a brand new runner. I couldn't get around the block. The whole experience was pretty overwhelming actually.

I slowly got myself into a habit and a routine. It got easier and easier. Maybe that's all I need to think. It's like training, and if I am consistant I will get better at it.

Thanks for listening to me vent the last couple of days.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Great Big Sea

Attention all bloggers,
This is a special report coming at you live from York University's Student Centre.

That's right. I am at school right now, as we speak. I have about two and a half hours left until my psych class, at which point, I have aquired the great honor to go wait in line for 4 hours to get my books, some of which aren't available, but the rest of which I must have for tomorrow.

Just peachy isn't it.
There is a sea of people. Frosh week was fantastic because there was a significantly smaller portion of people, all of whom were in my college. There were about 200 people at my Frosh week.

Now, trying to find those same familiar faces in this sea of about 40,000 is overwhelming to say the least. I can't go to the gym because I haven't a lock for a locker. Hence the report.

I went to the Orientation yesterday and found out a couple of things, the most important of which is that it is an HONORS ONLY program and if I don't maintain a certain GPA, then I get kicked out.
Now, I don't predict that any of this will happen, but my goodness. And today, the first day, we have already gotten a list of all the assignments and their due dates. Holy man. This never ever happened in highschool. I knew it was going to be different,

The prof's that I have met so far are really nice. Tomorrow, I only have my Swimming class. I am pretty excited about that. I doubt we'll get in the water, but STILL! It's exciting.

So, right now, I am feeling pretty unsure about everything.

Did I run the hills enough? Did my coaches truly prepare me? Did I pay enough attention to what they were trying to tell me? Will I bonk half way through? Will I recover quickly?

Just for the record, though, I am joining the 1% of people that actually have a University degree. I am saying this, because I am going to get my degree, and there are actually a couple of things that I have in mind that I can do with it. I am hearing the little voice in my head that is saying 'You can do it...You can do it' and am trying to make that voice nice and loud.

Every once in a while, a door opens to the future. My door is opened, and I worked hard to open it, so it's not going to slam in my face.

The only thing I am truly sure of is the fact that I am definately going to enjoy the run I am planning with my friend that I haven't seen since like June.
I promise this will be more of a running blog again soon guys, I just need to get myself all situated...

Any encouragement would be appreciated,

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Special Report

Thank you for coming. No, I haven't fallen of the face of the planet, I have just been busy. Here is the complete run down of FROSH week so far.

Sunday: Get there, find the commuter room. Put my stuff there. Pick up FROSH kit. Walk parents to find food, then to Orientation. Go to Stong Pond, where I meet with several other Frosh and some Frosh Bosses. Everyone is really friendly, introducing themselves, and asking each other about there majors. The colleges are broken down into majors, and my college has mostly Kinesiology and English majors. Play icebreaker games and learn the cheers and chants the colleges have made up. They are pretty fun. Find out that there is a war between the colleges and learn the mean cheers we made to psych them out. Two hour break, meet people in the Common Room. Realize that we have to fend for ourselves for dinner, so find a few others to walk to the campus mall with. They are cool. Get our food and return to the Common Room. Eat icecream. Get to know everyone. Play a few games of guess who and sorry. Then, it's time for the Electric tea party. They give you a t-shirt and some highlighters and you write on each others shirts...Go back to the commuter room about 1:30am. Fall asleep by about 2:30...Wake up at 7:30...Yeah.

Monday: So tired. Go to icebreakers again. Then have lunch--a $2.00 buffet. It wasn't very good. More icebreakers, insanium cranium and more fun. Wait around with some friends, and then have dinner. That night is a hypnotist show. Ha. That was hilarious. I am glad to have been watching rather than being a volunteer. Hop on the go bus. Mom meets me at square 1. Complain to her that in University, you don't get fed. It's 11pm by now, so we stop for fast food. Eww soo gross. But, oh so good.

Tuesday: Go back to York. Decide that I didn't want to go to Stongapalooza, so I went for the days activities. We had messy games. It was awesome. I got corn syrup and cracckers all over me. It wouldn't have been in my hair, had one of the Frosh bosses pointed out that my hair was too clean. Then, instead of condiment twister, we had a food fight. Good thing my friend was prepared with soap and towels and stuff. It was Spartan vs. Dragon Wars in the afternoon. Big water fight. It seriously was like the movie 300. We were outnumbered. We would have won if the others weren't cheaters. It was all in good fun though. Clean up after the water fight and head back to the commuter room. Head home. B.E.A.T. Sleep when I get home, after I put laundry in. Had to pack for the next day you know. Woke up about 8pm, due to the people putting my new bed together. Had to take kids out 8pm...went to the playplace at Mcdonalds. Eww. More Gross food.

Wednesday: I skipped this day. I was completely and utterly exhausted. As in, I couldn't function. Ended up having to go to York so my mom could sign something...Hm. Came home and helped to tidy. Slept. Ate real food for once.

Thursday: 10am, Whirly ball. It combines bumper cars, with wiffle balls and basketball nets. It is SO fun. IF you EVER get the chance to play it, jump on it. It's awesome. Went back, grabbed a Toronto Hot dog at the hotdog stand (that they have on campus I might add). Rushed back to the bus and headed out for wild water kingdom. It was cold. Went on one waterslide, the wave pool and the lazy river. Ate retardedly overpriced food. Found out the party was going to suck but we were too late for the first bus so we hung around until 1o. It was cold, and my throat hurt and it sucked. Went back and walked around campus. Met the GOSAFE guy, and went to a movie that had already finished. Walked back. I think I scared the GOSAFE guy because I asked him hundreds and thousands of questions. Yep. Safety first.Went to bed at about 2.

Friday: Downtown adventure. Went downtown Toronto and had to go on a photo scavenger hunt. Got a little bit frustrated cause we were lost. Jumped into 2 fountains. Lost my watch (which might have been picked up by one of the Frosh Bosses) and then our group gave up on the pics and took the pics that we wanted too. We made a human pyramid, and were going to cut stuff out of construction paper. It was fantastic. We went to a place called Joe Badali's and paid 20$ for a buffet...of pasta. So, I decided that I was going to eat 20$ worth of pasta. Hahah. I won't tell you how many plates I had. But I was "carbo loading" for that run Im going to do today. After that we headed to the Blue Jays game. Normally baseball is boring but this time it was AWESOME! We got to scream our heads off...I had a crackly voice by the end. It was fun. Went back to York, by 11:30. At midnight we headed off to play Calumet at a game of Glow in the Dark Capture the flag. That was fun. It took til 1:30. Went to bed. Australian Frosh Boss was playing his Guitar and singing. I fell asleep to that!

Saturday: Woke up 10 min before I had to be out of the room. Got dressed, and went for breakfast. Had a bagel and chocolate milk. Sat down for a bit and called my mom. Mentioned that I wanted to come home. Went to Wonderland. Went on scary rides and had scarily priced food. Went home. Dozed off on the bus, and mentioned to some friends that I wanted to plan a trip to Lake Placid in December. Good idea. Went back to the commuter room, and got my stuff and met my mom at the bus area. Talked to them. Asked my mom to cook me veggies. We went out for Greek food. Mmmm..Greek food is sooo good~! Came home and found my computer sitting on my bed. That's where this report is coming from! Went to bed as early as I could.

Sunday: Today my plan was to get up and run with the running room at 8:30--I haven't run all week but I have been ridiculously active. Lots of running games and just constant going going going. Went out to buy a wireless router and found out that it doesn't work on Windows Vista so I have to return it! Grrr. I'll do it later though. Soon as it cools down a little, I will go for a short run with whatever I can get out of this tired body of mine.

I want to let everyone know that I have NEVER craved vegetables so much until this week. All I wanted was an apple and brocoli and cauliflower and a peach. And water. Geez. I needed water. all weekk. They had lots of pop but no water. ahh.

As we speak I am boiling carrots, and contemplating downing 1000 litres of water. Ok..eggaturating.

Like I have mentioned before, this summer seems to have been nothing more than maintenance as far as running goes. Im going to sign up for the "Race the house or rock the mouse" clinic at the running room, which gets us ready for a January marathon...So, really I am building my base, for the Chili, and Around the Bay, and my Mississauga which Mr.Science teacher will be running. So, no fall races. I want to join a bunch of intermurals. Intermural swimming too. intramural cross country. It'll be awesome. I'll run around campus too, cause I have BIG spaces in between classes. It's gonna all work out. I am not to worried. Not any more atleast, I am more excited than anything.

And I am bringing my own lunch most of the time too--partly for cost, partly for healthfullness. I am telling you I can only eat so many hotdogs and hamburgers and Fries. Seriously. I don't think I'll be able to eat them EVER again.

So, I think thats all I have to tell you...Hopefully the posts won't be so few and far between. Im going to have a nap, then get a new router for my computer. Tomorrows the boat cruise..

Wednesday is school.

Im so t.i.r.e.d. And i have a little bit of a cold so I dont feel bad skipping the beach.
Take care friends. I'll catch up soon.