Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday's Tempo Run

I ended up dragging my sorry bottom out of the house, no matter how crappy I felt. I rested a lot today, and even at 5:15 I was contemplating not going. But. I went. And it was not my regular Tempo Pace, but I got out of the house. That is a good thing and I feel A LOT better.
Still have a low grade temp, but the headache has subsided. Thats wonderful news:)

So, todays "Tempo 'LIKE' Run" Was 4.34km, Time 24:20. Average Pace: 6:09 per kilometer. Avg Heart Rate: 187 Cardiac Drift: 200 BPM!!! That was when I had a side stitch from taking short shallow breaths. VERY PAINFUL. Was told to breathe deeply and Push out the stitch. It worked! Yes I learned a new trick. Knees are hanging in there pretty well. Slowly weaning myself of the brace. Not during speed or Hard workouts. Therefore I wore it today. Have a weird pain. Left Leg, Mid Shin, Inside, Pain when I touch that place. Will see what body advice tomorrow morning. Want to run tomorrow. Not a TEMPO run, but a 'General Aerobic Run'That seems to be ther most popular terminology. Yes. Note to self: Learn running Terms.

I got another Issue of Runners World Today. Yesterday I got March, Today I got February. Thats right. So I get double the info. February has a lot of weight loss, race plans, wow its just a great magazine. So I have started a running log on paper too. Just for the heck of it. Anyways, Gotta go


"The Purist

So, I may not be running again today. I still have that headache but I also woke up with a fever of 101. So, We will see if i can get it out of my body by 5 o'clock, but I took a quiz online that I got from the about.com website, and it was "To run of your sick or not" Or somehting like this.

It says that since right now my body is having trouble regulating my temperature it will have an even more difficult time with excersizing. But we will see. Right now just sitting here is a chore.

I was reading my Runners World, and I am a PURIST

"Your main motivation is running for runnings sake--You like how you feel afterward. You might race or you might not. Running is part of your routine; it makes you feel complete. How fast and How far you run is based on your percieved needs, how nice of a day it is and your surroundings. You hope to run a decent amount in your life. Purists are most adept at 'mindfullness' or just running without judgement. They are more likely to base their rythm and pace on their strong attunementto internal states. They are also able to be flexible and notice elements external to themselves"

Hello. Internal states. Running for sanity. This is soo me! Kinda neat actually. There is also the "Warrior", "The Socializer" and "The Excersizer"

Okay its nap time


Monday, January 29, 2007

"Rest Day"

Today was a scheduled Rest day.
I wanted VERY much to turn this rest day into a short recovery run.
Darn Body advised against it.
Thats not great news, but I guess the good news is that I listened to my body.

I think that my little body has something brewing in it.
Woke up with a REALLY bad headache. Headache continued. Went to my LAST day of work. It was fine. Im actually a little glad it is over. I went school shopping. Came home. Went to sleep. I woke up at like..well 2o minutes ago. So here I am.


On the Front Cover " Healthy Knees Forever"

Anyways Im out. So very Tired,

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Summary Week 1

Okay, here I go, bear with me.

Today was my "Medium Long Run" We did 7km, at an average pace of 6.25/km. This was RIGHT on target for my LSD runs. Havent uploaded it on to "Motionbased" yet, so i dont have a graph. It is not like I can read them anyways. My knee did this funny little thing on our last hill. It hurt. I am going to try "A535" To see if that helps before and after. Hm.

Summary for the weeks of January 22-Janurary 28, 2007
Days until Race...105

Monday: Scheduled Rest
Tuesday: 4km Tempo Run
Wednesday: Too sore to run
Thursday: 5km Steady Run
Friday: Scheduled Rest
Saturday: 10km LSD
Sunday: 7 km LSD

Total for the week: 26km

I think this week was a pretty good week and next week will be better
Next week: To Be Determined.

Is everyone elses running going well?


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Long Run

So. Today was my "Long Run". Tomorrow will be my "Medium Long Run" Yes. I have completely re-arranged my training schedule to make it fit what I want it to be.
So that is the graph of todays long run, courtesy of Motionbased. If you ask me what it means, I could not tell you, but I do know that it looks REALLY cool! Haha. Im easily amused. I basically ran to work to pick my ipod up, and then ran back home. It was pretty Hilly. You might be able to see that from the graph but I am not sure. It was 10km. A good run. Pretty slow. My "Moving Pace" was 6.27. The weather was -2degrees. The winds were coming from the SE at 6km/hr. And...Yes.
Thats pretty exciting. I love the new gadgets I have. So, I have a long day tomorrow, and another good distance run, and then, I will create for you all a "Summary" of the First week of training. This seems to be a pretty popular idea. And, I am now on a diet. Officially. Like a serious, just eat healthy diet because I was looking in the mirror, and I think I have packed on a few pounds. Okay, i know I have. I am going to try eating 6 small meals a day and see how it works. Hmm. I wonder.
Anyways, Gotta go,

Friday, January 26, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Ended up cutting yesterdays Tempo run and turned it to a steady 5k run. Good good, it is all good. Me and my mom are going out for lunch today and eating the last Junk food we will eat until my Race in may. (At which time we are doing our Carbo Loading at East Side Marios and our Post Race Protien Building at St.Louis Bar and Grill)

I have to apply for school today. I am going to apply to University. Now, there is a likely hood that I will not get in, in which case I am applying to Humber College to be a Firefighter. Thats a healthy active lifestyle too. So. We will see. I have a back up plan? Now, can you see little old me being a firefighter??? Neither can my parents. But if I put my mind to something, I will do it. Just like this Half in May. Its my stubborness I tell you.

I saw Charlottes Web Movie Yesterday. Was very nice, Until charlotte died. My goodness. She wasnt supposed to die. Okay well maybe she was but i was not happy.

I heard a lovely new song, on the movie too.

It is Called Ordinary Miracle
Its beautiful. The words.

It’s not that unusual
When everything is beautiful
It’s just another ordi.nary mir.acle today
The sky knows when its time to snow
Don’t need to teach a seed to grow
It’s just another ordin.ary mir.acle today
Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own
Isn’t it remarkable?
Like every time a rain drop falls
It’s just another ordin.ary mir.acle
Birds and winter have their fling
But always make it home by spring
It’s just another ordi.nary mir.acle today
When you wake up everyday
Please don’t throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we’re all a part
Of the ordin.ary mira.cle
Ordin.ary mir.acle
Do you want to see a mir.acle?
It seems so exceptional
That things just work out after all I
t’s just another ordina.ry mira.cle today
Sun comes up and shines so bright
And disappears again at night I
t’s just another ordin.ary mira.cle today
It’s just another ordinary mira.cle to.day
Its very beautiful and completely true because we never think of things like this. We always take things like the sun waking up and birds coming back in the spring for granted. And I have usually been all "Bah Humbug" about snow. Despite being a Canadian I have always hated the white stuff. Well ever since last winter, when I fell while skiing, landed head first, and had a pretty bad concussion. But, the beauty came back for me Wednesday night, when i was walking Home at about 9:30. I was with my brother and the snow was freshly fallen, and it was unwalked on, and you couldnt tell where the path is and where the grass is. It was just "Flowy" And it was gorgeous.
Wow. Anyways, now I have a friend that is interested in a "Beginners Running Program" So now I must search for her. Any good ones??
Enjoying the Beauty

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So, I opted out of todays TEMPO run. I decided to switch Thursday's steady run, to Today,and move Todays TEMPO run until Thursday. Thus a day of recovery.

So, I ate smart today, and I got all my gear on, and Fred got his signal and there I go. I make it 10 METERS before I get to the point where I can't walk let alone run. Maybe yesterdays run was harder than I thought. I wasnt hurting that bad walking, But running is a different story. I am thinking it might be something with my mechanics. I have been fairly diligent with ice and stretching. So it has got to be something else. My one knee I can understand, but my calves I cant, and my other knee. Thats why I think it might be something with my mechanics. Must have someone watch me run. Does anyone have any opinions on this?? Too much too soon maybe??

I feel like I am mentally ready for this 21.1 endevour, and thats half the battle right. And I have like four months to get my body ready for this. Hopefully sub 2 hours, but finishing would be wonderful. (In under 2:10) My 5k time would translate into a 2:06 Half. Im too stubborn for my own good I think.

So, everyone has bad days, I think today is a bad day. And I cant quit if I have a bad day. Attitude is everything.

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this"

Whats your mantra?

Running to Survive

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SO!!! Today was the FIRST day of my CLINIC!! Thats right. And we did our TEMPO run. And I was nervous as heck on the bus ride there. Then I walked into the parking lot, and said goodevening to someone and they were all nice and said hello, and I walked in and there were a lot of familiar faces and I sat by my friend, who had recently done a half and still decided to do the clinic. So, it started off good. And Rob our Leader is Wonderful! It is going to be a REALLY fun clinic I can already tell:) But we all have our good and bad days! Hopefully more good than bad

So our tempo run, 4km. 22 minutes! Avg Pace: 5:55/km. My tempo run pace is 5:53/km so not too bad. And I think I found my running partner. And hes cute, Even better! And we have the same time goal so yeah!

I overreacted. But I did good today. Although, when I was running, my lower tummy had REALLY bad pains in it and I dont know why. I hadnt eaten for a couple of hours. Interesting. Any Ideas? So it was a good run. Tomorrow is a 3k TEMPO run. Not soo nervous. Just anxious to see how well recovered I am.

So for now, Fred is on his cradle, and the Corn is on my knee!
I am soon going to start weening myself out of the brace and see how it goes.

Tigers out, Happy Running

Monday, January 22, 2007

Today was a fun day. I went and got my timetable for school. This was done by 8:50. Then my mom gave me the option of going home or spending the day out!! So we did. We went to "Sizzlin' Jacks" for breakfast which was supposed to be the best breakfast in town, and let me tell you, it was:) Mmm. Mexican Omelet. Then we made our way to Oakville for the day for my moms hearing appointment. We were...3 hours early. So we walked around in Oakville. Ladeedadeeda. I shouldve brought Fred with us to see how far we walked. We found the Oakville running room, and went in to look around. They all have the same stuff I guess. Then we went to her appointmenet and had a pita for lunch. Yum. We then picked my sister up from the sitters, and came home. My mom starts her walking class. Fred is going with her. I signed up for www.motionbased.com Yesterday. Yah. Now I gotta figure how to work it. Anybody got it?

Now, on to the stuff that everyone cares about.. RUNNING!!! CLINC STARTS TOMORROW!! butterflies went from little teeny flutterbyes to big dinosaurs. Needless to say im so nervous.
But Fred is going to be there!! And I am leaving my HRM at home. It DRIVES ME CRAZY! Possibly from the "Chestal Bounce" But Ethel is staying home for a while.
And as for yesterdays post that made absolutely NO sense, I have figured out an answer. I will try this "Listen to your body thing" I will follow the running room training plan, making adjustments where needed. The only thing about changing the tempo/speed workouts is the fact that we run together on those nights. Hmm. Interesting.

And If it doesnt work for me , I will train for my marathon alone. I will use "Tigers Training Schedule" I guess that this is an art and you never know what works for you until you try. I am also buying a case of sports beans. They seem to work for me.

Okay, Wish me Luck, I will update after tomorrows "TEMPO" workout. (NOTE: Heartrate spikes at the word "TEMPO" or "SPEEDWORK"


P.S. 111 days until my RACE!! ahhahaha

Sunday, January 21, 2007

So, all of my gadgets now have names, courtesy of my 11year old sister and Rick. Yes. Fred is my Garmin, Ethel is my Heart Rate Monitor, and Ricky is my i-pod. Yah, so instead of say "My heart rate monitor was beeping," I will say "Ethel was annoying me" OKay folks, got it?? lol try and keep up. I will remind you periodically.

Anyways, I think me and Fred did a tempo workout today. Not positive but I think so. I pushed myself to the max for 5.38kilometers, and yes. My average pace was 5:53/km. So, that means that if I keep that up for 21.1kilometers, well I dont know. I know i shouldn't have time goals for the half marathon BUT i do. I want a sub 2hour half. Not unreasonable.
So, now is the time that i have to decide my training plan. I will do the hard workouts two times a week, but like, my long runs should be how much slower than my hard workouts. What about the recovery runs? And the distances? how should they vary. NOW IM GETTING CONFUSED!!!! What an art!! Now, to find some sort of order to my words.

Gotta go,
Tiger, Fred, Ethel and Ricky

Saturday, January 20, 2007

His Name Is FRED and Im in Love. Ha. Yes. I named my "Virtual Partner" I can see it now, Running down the street yelling "I hate you Fred, Slow Down" or when i am better than Fred I will say "Fred, Eat my dust" Yeah. haha I'm cool. I walked with Fred today. We just walked. With my sister. I guess that there were too many trees cause it took him like a whole minute to connect to the sattelite. But then he got it. We are racing! I love it. Soo fun.

I woke up last night and I couldnt breathe. Not at all I was sooo scared. My inhalers didnt work and ohh man it was not a fun night. I was propped up on a pillow, thats how I survived the night I think. Didnt get much sleep either. That is why I didnt run. That is why I just walked. We may try again a little bit later but if I Cant breathe I cant run. The bad time of year starts now. It ends in like October. I have like 3 good months. But. Thats my life and I have gotten used to it. I just hope that it doesnt interfere with my running.

Well, im going to have a bath, Fred Will have to wait outside.

Happy running
Tiger and Fred

Friday, January 19, 2007

I broke down today. Yeah, thats right. I BOUGHT A GARMIN!!! haha I bought the Garmin Forerunner 205. Yeah. I was going to get the 305, but Sue, The new store manager talked me out of it. I already have the Heart rate monitor, So i just got the regular Garmin. Yeah. i walked in there with a bank envelope full of cash. It was $309 dollars, but my mom went with me and since she is doing a class, she gets a discount so instead of it being$309, it was $247. Yeah. So I got a good deal. Right now it is on my charger. Then, I get to try and figure out how to make it work. This could be interesting!!
Tomorrow me and my "Virtual Partner" Will be running 10k in 1 hour tomorrow:) Go us.

Oh, and I signed up for school!!. Not impressed.

Tigers gotta go! Mom's yelling at her. Hahaha Oh well who cares. I am now a gadget girl too:)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I had such a bad day today. Well, let me rephrase that, I had a bad week.
These long days are killing me. Honest. I would say that I dont know how much longer I can handle these days, BUT im done next Thursday.
People are just driving me crazy. But I cannot let it get to me.
So I still ahvent signed up for school eh? I think that it is more of pride thing.
I gotta bite my tongue and suck it up.
I had a fight with my mom this morning regarding school. Yah. While I was at work. Thats wonderful huh? Note To Self: Don't bother wearing make-up to work.

So, In light of this horrible horrible day I went for a wonderfully great run. Thats right. Don't know how far, don't know for how long. But it was a good run. There are the ENDORPHINS! *Sigh, what wonderful things they are.
And then I am going for a run. Yah. And I am taking a registration form to my science teacher. Ha. ah.

Okay, So Tigers out,
Happpy Running

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ran Yesterday. Very cold. Underdressed.
Didn't run today. Worked too long. Cant walk.
Race in 116 days.
Ordering running skirt today or tomorrow
Dont have much to say. Oh. I had spagetti today.
How is everyone else?? Hows your training going??

Tiger the Racer

Monday, January 15, 2007

Training Schedules - The Running Room

Training Schedules - The Running Room

Half Training Butterflies

So. Rob is the "Coach" to the running club I joined. The half marathon clinic.
He will be our fearless leader.
He better be fearless because I am super scared!!!! Well not of 21.1 km and not of the LSD runs,
but of the TEMPO runs. And the SPEED work.
Yes. Thats right, the very first run that we do, Tuesday is 4km. 4km under normal circumstances is just fine, dandy and wonderful but no, its a TEMPO run. This is the schedule they gave me Here

Then the next day, the Wednesday, guess what kind of a run we have??? GUESS!! It is another Tempo Run. So. Let me tell you this blog on Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly thursday just may be about how much pain I am in after these workouts. But this is a running log and you are all in it for the long run. Hahah. But I do assume that they will get easier. Maybe Im just overreacting! I think I am overreacting.
But that doesnt take away the butterflies. I just dont want to risk reinjury. Any Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

Tiger the racer with a little bit of nerves

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Picture this. Sun shining, Birds Chirping, Woken to a light breeze coming through my window. Cut cut cut thats not how my morning started. It was gray and cold. And I just looked at the calender sitting on my wall and it said 119 days, I threw my brace on, my tights my pants my shoes, then the heart rate monitor strap and a new shirt i bought, under my old shirt, then the jacket, a mask that made me look like a robber, and a hat. Then my ipod strap and my heart rate monitor watch, Then i was out the door. I ran, and then I felt pretty darn good. I saw the place that I copped out last week, and I was feeling good. Then, we got past that part, and I realized why I copped out. It is uphill for the next 6km. Ahhh it was horrible. But only 119 days. So, I sucked it up. And i ran. And I ran and ran and ran. MY knee was hurting a little and my ankle was hurting a lot. I think the hardware was strapped a little tight. Oh. and about 2 km into my run, the sky started throwing ice pellets at me. Then it turned into snow and it was beautiful. A little slippy but beautiful. Then the wind. The wind started. But. It was interesting to say the least. 12.5 km in the snow. Time 1:33:25. SLOW! Heart rate was average 191 and most 199!!!

What I am doing is going to measure my heart rate every morning. And then after 3 mornings I am going to go to the polar website and enter that. Then It will tell me what my heart rate zones are because obiously the stronger the heart the more it can handle (Words of Wisdom from my science teacher)

Speaking Of him I have to go and see how his training is going.

I also have a plan. When I am at school I am going to have a 2nd period spare. That way, I have 2 hours and 15 minutes. The half marathon course is just around the corner from my school. I will run bits and peices of the course everyday. THen I can go home, have lunch and shower, than go back to school!! honestly you gotta do what you gotta do right??? Only 118 days!!! 118 days, thats like, 102 runs left. Not including the taper which i still havent planned. Hmmmm. Interesting.

I got a paypal account so that I can get my running skirt online.
As for todays run, it is g oing to happen on an eliptical. Thats not a very good eliptical because there is ice outside.

Oh, and I am breaking down, I am buying a garmin. Yes. A garmin. Maybe even the newest one. The 305. I know I have a heart rate monitor. But still. We will see! Anyone have comments about a garmin. I figure I may as well buy something while I am still working full time!

Okay so that is that.
Ok, so I will slowly start posting pics from Niagra Falls. Yeah. Im a little late but Oh well. To the left is us at the Guiness World Record museum with the tallest man in the world. Note: Nobody knew which camera to look at and we are all running on like 2 hours of sleep and we were soo excited:) The top is Stephen closest to the statue and katie in the yellow coat. I am on the bottom below Stephen and Natalie is the one in pink beside me. Jeffery is the little head sticking out. Rachel was too scared to go in.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

120 days until the big race

120 Days until my race. Thats right, exactly four months from today I will be anxiously waiting the sound of the gun signalling "GO". I will be wearing a running skirt and a custom made orange shirt that says "Go Tiger Go" (Yes, I have planned my wardrobe!) I cant help but being superbly excited!! Does it stay this way even after you've done tons and tons of races?

So this means tomorrow I gotta PUMP IT UP! I am going to run 13km. I have never ever run this far, but like I have run 10. So its only a three kilmeter difference. The knee is good and the ankle is much better.

I talked to the surgeon. He said that he does expect it to cause some pain and to "Listen to my body" So, we will see. I still wear the hardware! So I am excited. eating some carbs and drinking some water tonight! Then, 7 30 there I go! Ill let you know how it goes!
And so the countdown begins.

Oh, and today I have a quote of the day. But I wont have one everyday.
"Its better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who your not"
I loved it!
So, Im off. To dream. Im having such a positive, dreamy type day! I can just see myself at the finish line!! Ahhh sorry guys. And by the way how do you like the new layout??

Tiger The Racer

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So, First, go read the post below this.
Go. Go now.
Okay, so I changed this place up a bit. I got ditched last night. Miss Rachel went to sleep an hour into our girls night. So enjoy.

Tiger The Racer

Friday, January 12, 2007

I think that I finallly have this whole "Listen To Your Body" thing down.
Yeah. Thats quite the accomplishment. My ankle was sore due to running a little weirdly with the dog. Let me tell you this dog was strong. So I ran the next day and my ankle hurt so I cut that run short, and once again made peace with my friend the ice pack. Yeah. Corn on the knee, peas on the ankle ;).
So it is feeling a little better today and I just went on the eliptical. It was boring but better than nothing!

I have an infection of some sort. Hence being so tired. So I am on some sort of antibiotics. I should be better soon. In time for sunday's long run. I wonder, does "Take with food" Mean take after you eat, before you eat or between bites? Hmmm. Interesting.
Well only time will tell I guess.

Me and my Rachel (Little sister) are having a girls night, with pizza and we are going to watch Brother Bear or Charlottes Web (Not my first choice for evening entertainment, but shes 3)

Was going to post a pic, BUT blogger is burping so yeah!
happy Running Folks
TIGER the Racer

Thursday, January 11, 2007

So, since I took that dog for a run, I have been nursing a sore ankle.
I still have like 2 weeks until I have to start my actual training with the running room so I am not too worried. Lets just make it better right? Right?

So tomorrow I was going to go out but now I have to babysit. Thats my life for you. If I dont do what my mom wants, then I am stuck she wont do anything for me. Nope I am not supposed to have a life, just a life that revolves around her. GRRRR =-(

Going for like 3 k tomorrow. Slow and sweet in 9 degree weather. I have been sleeping since tuesday. Honest. I sleep a lot lately. WOnder why

Tiger the Racer

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hey everyone,

I just signed up for the half marathon clinic at the running room! WOW! So exciting. It starts on January 23rd so that is exciting. I will be spending the next 2 weeks on conditioning. I was going to do hill repeats but im not going to, as I have the clinic to do that! And what is even better is that a lot of the people that were in my 10k clinic have gone on to the half marathon so I won't be all alone=)

I am kidnapping my neighbors dog tomorrow! its a big one and she is going for a run with me no matter if she wants to or not (Im sure she will though shes got LOTS of energy)
Hmmm oh yes, and I am eating more carbs and drinking more water. I am drinking so much water ohhh man. But I guess it is good for me.

With my job, I didnt quit. I went in to talk to my boss and I told him I was thinking about going back to school and the other manager is coming of maternity leave and he told me that he didnt want me to think that their wasnt room for me and he would find me some hours on the weekends! So. thats good then

Im a school attending, guitar playing, waitressing, managing runner.
wow. Thats a long title eh? Im sure there could be more to that title. Cant think now though.
Today was just a slow Slow easy run because it was realllly windy and cool. Canada might actually be getting its winter, no?

Anyways, Im out
Tiger The Racer

Sunday, January 07, 2007

So, I went for a run today. Feeling pretty sluggish. IT has been a long weekend. I am tomorrow quitting my job and signing back up for highschool. I graduated, but I need university credits. THis online or correspondance will never get done. Never. So. the fastet way for me to succeed and reach my goal is to go back to highschoool
TO me, its like living away from home and then having to move back in.
I dont know. And the decision to leave Chuck E is sooo hard. I have been there for like years. Its a security type safety net. I have grown so much there.
*Sigh* thats life right? Right

So, On todays 7km run, I was soo tired. I just couldnt run. I think I need to find a new way to fuel my body?? What is the best foods before and after runs? I have NOOO clue!

And I also had a rash on my stomach when I came back! It was soo itchy!

So tired. tis bedtime!

Goodnight folks.

Tiger the RACER!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Wonderful news.
No Surgery
Knee is Okay.
No restrictions to running
That rest done good!



I am contemplating running...only 4 days a week. Every other day.
Before I decide, I am going to try stretching better. After my run 2 days ago,I had IT band issues. Those arent very nice feeling. Does anyone know a stretch for an IT band?

Oh, and an update on "Healthy Eating"...Im starting it. Yeah. I did good yesterday for the most part. Today will be even easier. So.. Yeah it takes 21 days to develop a habit so I will let you know later.

Oh I am buying a guitar today. THen I will write a theme song!:) haha. And I am dying my hair. Maybe and then I am going to see freedom writers! And then Im going to work and then after work I am going for a run!

Busy Busy me


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So, i have redeemed myself. Not at 4 50 this morning, but I have redeemed myself non the less.
I left at 8pm this evening down a very well lit route.
I wasnt nervous it was a beautiful night, and I had my phone if I needed it.
And I worked on my pace. I ran like 7 kilometers at 7 minutes per kilometer. It was a nice, easy enjoyable run.
My knee is a teeny weeny bit sore but its all good. The ice pack will once again work its magic=)

I think we have overcome an obstacle. Me and my family we have.
I think that they are finally interested in waht I am doing. I think that they finally realize how important this is to me. I guess I was glowing because of my race. Heck, Im still glowing cause I finished, not in the time I wanted but I FINISHED=) Hehe. So tomorrow, i will try and find the time to run but I have to do the two jobs AND go and get my bank card from my friend Blayne.

But i dont mind running at night. As long as it is a lit route. Probably not as much as today, and probably not as many hills.

So today was a good day. Only 129 days until my race. Starting to eat healthier.

Keep running and Keep Smiling

Tiger the Racer

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So... DAY ONE HALF MARATHON TRAINING...failed. Ha. I am still sooo soo sore after the sunday run. Well that and a little bit too much fun Sunday Night. So. I have decided that I will set 3 alarms in the morning, and then I will be out the door by 4:45 am and back by 5:30 so i have time to shower and stuff before a 10 hour day at work.

I will run a lit route down Dundas street or something. Or my loop. I havent decided. Probably just Dundas.. 6km. 3ish out, 3ish back. Yeah. Thats what I think. . Then I will come back and tell all you lovely people how it went.!!! Yay. And The original plan was to take thursdays off but if I run in the mornings I dont have to and I will take Mondays as Recovery days. We will see.

I found something neat about my course. They have this thing and it is called "Marafun" and kids in grades 2-8 have the opportunity to run walk or jog 40 km over 6 weeks. and then they do the last 2km on the actual marathon course with spectators and they get a medal and t-shirt and stuff! That is so cool and I am dragging my Natalie into it:) hehe/

And. I have this pic that I want to crop down but i dont know how to do it. I want to change my profile pic. It has to be I believe 72mb or something. Any Ideas?

TIGER The Racer:)

P.S. Only 130 days until my race!!!!