Thursday, November 30, 2006

I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!! I have figured out the way to run on the dreadmill or eliptical without going nuts. I will study. I will make myself cue cards of the human body (I want to take kin in University) and I will learn about 2 new body parts each and every time I work out. May as well get a head start.

Yeah, I am supposed to be running tonight. Tomorrow I am off all day so I am going to the community center to work out. My gym should be opening in 2 weeks. I dont know if I mentioned this already but I am going to get a personal trainer for a while. Just to get me on the right track and help me with my half in may.

And I have written my comeback email. To chris. I havent actually written but I have it written in my head! Dont feel like posting it now maybe later.

Im also making a 100 list of things i want to do with my life. Ill post that later too.

Hope you are all well and good


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I should have been running right now. Right this very second I should be running down the waterfront trail in TWENTY degree weather. But I am not. Here I am. Not running. Doing what I should be doing.

This sucks but I think I am still going to do the resolution run, maybe only 5k. Even if I dont, I am going to still get my vest and hat. I have decided.

I had my ultrasound on Monday. There was an issue with my health card last week. I am sooo nervous though. They took like 2000348 pictures, of one spot. Okay well maybe I am eggaturating a little but they wouldnt have taken the pictures if there was nothing wrong i dont think! AHHH well I will know soon.


Anyways, Iam going to get a personal trainer. For about 6 months after my gym opens. I just want them to help me with my aerobic capacity and strenghthing my muscles.

Anyways, Hope all is going welll with everyone.

Already going bonkers. Slowly but surely im coming back

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thank You

I am so Lucky.
I am so lucky to have met such supportive people. After I emailed Chris, I emailed the lovely ladies that I run with.

Lovely Ladies,
It is with a heavy heart that I tell you this. I will not be continuing on with the clinic. During Yesterday's 7.5km run I had sharp shooting pains down my knee and a lot of pain when I was running. I ended up walking for like 10 minutes and ran the rest of the way. I talked to Chris and he also thinks that I should wait until the next clinic, and focus of fixing my knees. They held up until hills, after hills, i guess, they were toast. Today they are swollen, and running is for life, so I am going to take this time to fix them.
It has been fun! You both were a great motivation to me. I will probably see you around.
When the going gets tough, as a wise woman once said
"You are strong, you are fit, you trained for this"
Im there cheering you on guys. Good luck and thanks for the fun~

Thats what I said to them. That was hard to write. But i wrote it. I wasnt expecting a reply. But I got one. This is what Helen said.


That is such sad news... I am so sorry...

Hey... I am here for you when you need a 'running buddy'...

please... keep in touch.

If you are up to the short runs mid week or weekends to get you moving slowly again... let me know... I'll try to make sure I can run with you.

I hope to be there for the Sunday runs for sure... even after this clinic in done... so hopefully we'll get together then.

You're right to be careful.... don't encourage an injury to become a permanent issue... ..
Hope I can be there for you!


I am so grateful to everyone. Not just my "running buddies" but to everyone who has helped me along the way. To my family who has put up with me talking about my runs and waited on my hand and foot while I couldnt walk. For the doctors and my physio therapist. For everyone. For the people on the forum who have answered all my questions. To my science teacher who fostered the idea.

Thanks guys. I appreciate it

Im gonna make it after all


I emailed Chris. My knees are swollen and gimpy again. I hate this. This whole not finishing what you start thing. But its not like im not finishing it. I am just postponing finishing it. yes, I would like to think of it that way.

I am going to use the next little while to build myself up aerobically and use strength training. Ill make my lungs better and I will come back an even better and stronger runner than before. I will be doing a lot of slow, long distance running.

I think that I did too much too soon. I kind of ignored my body. And i didn't listen to the famous advice of Bruce, Baby-steps. ha.

Well I guess you learn from your mistakes right? We all get injured, and we heal if we let our bodys rest, so, thats what i am going to do. Swimming, Biking, Strength Training, Eliptical and LSD runs. So whatever, I am letting my knee rest my body is just fine.

And I just got a reply to my e-mail

"Sometimes the right desisions are the hardest to make. Focus on getting that knee better and when you are ready let me know and we will hook you up with a clinic. Stay focused, Chris"

I got a little teary eyed writing the email and even more so reading the reply. This it tough


Sunday, November 26, 2006

So, I have just had, the worst run of my running career. Halfway through my run, My knee started killing me, had sharp pains going through my knee. I ended up walking about 15 minutes overall. It was really frustrating. Chris was walking with me for a little while. He told me that a) I go out to fast and b) He doesn't think that my knee is ready for me to run in a clinic again because like I cant even get the whole experience with hills and stuff. He said that he would put me into January's clinic.

I dont know though, its kind of one of those "Not finishing what I started things" I guess that I could just run on my own, working on pace in a non competitive environment. I do think that it would be a little boring.

And then there is my plan of a half in may. But if I keep working on my pace, and building my base then I could use the 10k clinic for speed and STILL do my half in may.

Of course this is all dependant on the scan that I will have on december 17@ 9 am

Obiously this is my desison but do you guys have any opinions?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Half marathon training program


So I have been searching for the last little while for training plans for a half marathon. As you might have already read. I have convinced my highschool science teacher to Aim for the half marathon in may. So... Now that I have done that I have to find myself a Half Marathon Training plan.

This is what I want my training plan to look like:

1. I want my mileage to increase rather quickly so I can work at a higher distance for longer
2. I want the program to have me peak my mileage at 25-27km. Higher than the actual race distance
3. I want minimal hills. My half is a net downhill, there are still little hills that I can handle. They are small. As I have said before, Tiger+Hill Training=gimpy
4. I want to run 4-5 days a week, and crosstrain the other days.

Oprah has a half marathon training plan, Nike has a half marathon training plan, everyone else has a half marathon training plan.

What I am really asking for is just opinions on what plan would work best. And I know I know what works for some may not work for others but What has worked for you folks. My Race is May 12th. I will begin training in January, although I am doing strength training now. (On advice of my science teacher) I dont nesessarily want a training program that will take up the whole 5 months, I want the flexibility to double up weeks or even tripple them up if i need to. taking my time. Ha. Okay well this is the program that I like. But its for a marathon. Can I like cut it in half or something.

Friday, November 24, 2006


HAHA! I went to my school today. My old school. The highschool that i went to. =)

I saw my friends. Missed them...A lot
Then i talked to my old SCIENCE teacher. Hes the coolest.

He is going to run the half with me. After MUCH deliberation.He thought it was in march. It is in may. He is a bicycler. He has already run one half. When he was sick. His time was 2:17..WHEN HE WAS SICK! He can only do so much better this time.

He said though that since my scan is on December 17th, that I should wait until then before I decide if I am running the half. He said also that I should be very prepared that the surgeon might decide that there is something surgical and that I should stop and do nothing, get it fixed, heal and then aim for the next year.

I am not prepared for that. I am not even THINKING about that. I mean they can't be that worried about it right? if they still let me run. Anyways, he is going to the running room to get a new pair of shoes. Hes a new balance and he says "Once you go new balance you never go back" Ha. Anyways I go back in January to tell him if he has to continue his training and closer to march I am going back so we can be kind of near the same starting point.! =)

Anyways, I am now looking for a half marathon plan. Any good ones??



Thursday, November 23, 2006

100 list

Okay, I made a hundred list. Yes I have too much time on my hands!

1. My name is Emily Ruth
2. I was named after my dads mom and my moms mentor, Ruth Cassidy
3. She died when I was Really tiny
4. My first friend was Nicole. We went to school together until grade 7. I still talk to her
5. I had a good childhood until grade 6
6. I came from a big family. Im the oldest of 6
7. I lived in the same house until grade 7
8. Grade 7 my parents seperated
9. October 17th was the worst day of my life
10. Lived in a shelter with my mom and siblings for 2 whole months
11. Moved into a new house, met new friends
12. Mom met someone in April 2002 and moved in with him
13. Lived with my dad, and we didnt get along
14. Was put in the "system" for 8 months
15. I am VERY grateful for the family that took me in
16. Went home to my dads December 17th, grade 9 year
17. Honeymoon period ended the end of january
18. Called my mom from school a lot, wanted to move in
19. Contemplated STUPIDNESS that I look back on and cant believe what I was thinking
20. Realized who my true friends were
21. Moved in with mom. Hardest Decision of my whole entire life
22. Turned out to be a good one.
23. Started new school. I was soo very shy.
24. Slowly made new friends.
25. Was failing my classes when I moved.
26. Saved my grade 9 year
27. Things start to look up
28. Worked at Chuck E Cheese. I was a good character
29. I didnt talk for the first year at work
30. Now you cant shut me up. NObody believes me when I tell them I didnt tell them that.
31. I graduated highschool last year
32. I thought working life would be greatr
33. I have found out that it was no fun and that it is super lonely
34. I cant wait to go back to school
35. In January I will be going back to get highschool credits
36. I am going to be a highschool gym teacher
37. My favorite teacher i still talk to
38. She was my grade 3 teacher
39. I hope to have the same passion for my job as my teachers do. My science teacher, drama teacher and gym teacher
40. I see being a gym teacher as a no fail excuse to not work out
41. I am a runner
42. Atleast thats what I would like to be.
43. I blame it on my science teacher. More like I should thank him
44. When I started my asthma was out of control. I quit
46. Got it under control and started back up again
47. I tore my ACL doing YOGA BOOTY BALLET
48. I threw the tape out
49. I couldnt walk for a month
50. I am just getting back into it after 3 months of Physio
51. I will be running a 10km race on new years eve
52. People think I am crazy for running new years eve
53. They think that I am crazy for running at all.
54. I dont smoke.
55. I believe that if i dont smoke that I can invest in some good shoes or some cute running clothes
56. I got into running to keep my mind off other things
57. Running has become my escape
58. I actually believe that it gives me the strength to cary on another day.
59. Someday I will run the Boston Marathon
60. I have big dreams
61. Right now I dont think I am doing enough with my life
62. I think Christmas should be more about family
63. I think it has become very superficial the last few years
64. Movie stars are nothing specail
65. Its the people that are real that are special.
66. People like princess diana and the firefighters and paramedics are the real heroes.
67. I wanted to join the army and be a firefighter
68. Was told that they couldnt see me carry them out of a building
69. Wanted to go into construction
70. Volunteered for habitat for humanity and loved it.
71. Im allergic to dust
72. My houses are still there and I love the fact that I can drive by them and they will still be there in 40 years (god willing)
73.I dont like the news because it is depressing
73. I have a lot of room in my heart to love someone
74. I have high standards for men in my life
75. Sometimes I think they are too high
76. I used to want to have a baby when I was sixteen
77. Now I am GLAD that I didnt. I want to live my life
78. I dont depend on anyone but myself
79. Have a hard time trusting people
80. I dont cry very often
81. Sometimes i dont feel anything at all
82. That terrifies me when that Happens
83. I write poetry to make myself feel better
84. Its not very good
85. I love music
86. I dont discriminate I listen to anything except rap.
87. I love the song "With love from me to you"
88. It makes me dream
89. I am a dreamer
90. I will do great things one day
91. Ive done some pretty dumb things
92. Diets dont work. Laxitives dont make you relax
93. I miss my dad. Somehow I feel guilty
94. I love my step dad. He is awesome
95. Mom and I are best friends and worst enemies.
96.I am very proud of myself for turning my life around
97. I want to help others one day
98. I believe a single person can change the world
99. I change my mind a lot and tend to over react
100. Everyone needs 6 hugs a day to grow.

So thats my hundred list. If you are still reading good for you. Its pretty boring.
Thats probably MORE than you EVER wanted to know about me
I encourage you to make a 100 list too. You learn things about yourself.
So what do you think. Comment me. Anything you want to know? Comment me.

Take care

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Todays run was fun=-) It was just like 5 of us. 3 other girls, Chris the instructor and moi! Me and Chris ran at the front for a bit. Then Chris slowed down I guess and that left me. Everyone was pretty close though but Chris made the "Kid" decide where to go. Ha.

He says "now you have a desision to make, left or right" ha. It was fun. I enjoyed todays run.

Dont know how fast but I do know that the incondesient beeping of my heart rate monitor drove me NUTS!!!! AH. Well hopefully soon I will know what to do with my heart rate monitor. Well like I know what to do with it but I dont know what to do with it. Okay, that doesnt make sense I know how the actual gadget works but I dont actually know what it does other than measure your heart rate. Like how it is beneficial.

In other news, I am making a 100 list. Ill post it sometime. Im on 53 right now. A little over half way there!

Tomorrow, Emily will not be running hills. My knee hurt very badly last time. As in Friday I was all like limpy and stuff. I will just be running at home. I dont know how far I will go, I think that I will just run. I will turn the gadget on to mark it out.

Also, the Garmin 101 is on sale. I think i mite get one. Its only like 80$$ and you get a waterbottle!!!
Also, I am going to convince my science teacher to run the HALF with me on May 8th. We will see if he will though.

I dont know if I will be able to do the half marathon clinic because I will have night school tuesdsay nights. I will be able to work my way up I think. I have a long time. And I will do Sunday Runs with the group. Yes.

Anyways Ima go and Ice the knee as a precautionary measure. Theres dust at my workplace because we are renovating. I am allergic to dust. I swear I will hack up a lung by the end of the week.

Happy running to Everyone! Hope you training is well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans who get the day off work tomorrow. I Had to work on my thanksgiving.


Monday, November 20, 2006

1st winter run

Went for a slow recovery run. No gadgets, well other than my ipod but i didnt turn the workout on. I did 5 and 1s instead of 10 and 1s because of my knee. It started bothering me while I was running so I said Okay, 5 and 1s it is. There was hills today. But...


I think I ran for 20ish minutes. Just to work. Then me and my bro had pasta. Hes a good kid (Dont tell him though)

Im trying to eat healthier! It is SO HARD especially with both my jobs and just life in general! Its so hard not to stop for something on the way home. The nutritionist says to eat 6times a day!! I dont know how it can be done. Who has the time to eat every three hours. I have cereal at work in the morning, or oatmeal. Then I eat at lunch, usually somethign thats bad for me. Then Ill go and run with my group and not eat u ntil dinner. After my runs with my group I try to eat good. Really, I have discovered something called Pita Pit. MMMM lol and now I am gonna try and make those at work. cause I could. Honest. So that will be something for next week. and apparently like chick pea salad is VERY good and good for everything else. So ill try almost anything once. I am going to bring Salmon too. And veggies. And nuts for snacks.

My turtle is trying to eat his food now. Its soo funny because his food floats and he'll swim to the top and take it to the bottom and then it floats back up. Haha.

Anyways. I took advil before my run. It seems to be wearing off. Its not just the usual dull ache today, i have like SHARP pains going down my leg and it REALLY hurts. Whatever. Today was also the first day that I had ran below zero. It was minus one degree with the wind chill minus six. Now i am used to the cold but I hate it with a passion and my lungs were BURNING!!!! Ah it was horrible. But Ill get used to it i guess. Whatever. Im hanging in there.

Happy winter running everyone, and those of you lucky enough to not have winter...happy running anyways.

Did I mention there were light flurries? Ha. Winters around the corner.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today we went for sundays 8ish run. Yes. 8ish. Just so when they say we go 6.8 and it really turns out to be 7.6 nobody cares. Ha. Today was only like 8.3km. I ran with Helen and Chris. We ran pretty fast. Like 48minutes. almost 2 minutes faster than last time.

Uhm. TMI begins...I had to go to the bathroom when I was running. It started like the 3rd kilometer so for like 5 km i almost died. Didnt wear my heart rate monitor again today i was just focusing on my body. Will wear wednesday and thursday. There were also alot of hills in todays run. like a hill around every corner. But i guess too, if you go up, you come down

Chris asked me about my knee and how it was after thursday. I told him it was okay on Saturday but Friday I could barely walk. (I only worked after 3 advil, a day off of my knee and a knee brace) At the end of our run we were talking about thursdays hills, and i just jokingly said "how about we dont do hills anyways" And he doesnt think I should be doing them anyways. So on Thursday Im going for the talk on heart rate training and then doing a 5k easy run. Maybe. Ill see how I feel and if he will let me. He said he was going to tell my mom. Ha.

So here I am once agian with ice on this stupid knee. Am I stuck doing this forever? Sigh.
Tomorrow=eliptical training and weights. Easy eliptical though


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tiger+Hills=Gimpy. Sigh. Hills suck. Hills seriously stink.
There gotta be a trick to them!! Does anyone know a trick to them? If its a secret I PROMISE not to tell.
So we only did 3 hill repeats. Not even that big. We BOLTED up a hill and jogged back down. He didnt want us to be able to talk when we reached the top of hill. It was 1.5km there and 1.5 km back. The way there was fine the way back was bad I felt like I was hopping.
Yes. I noticed going down the hill was harder because my feet landed differently.
Next week we do four repeats. Hopefully I will do better. Maybe I shall eat before. Like a bean salad 4 hours before so I have energy.
I felt lethargic today, mostly cause of the weather! The fog was super thick!!! And it was humid..That sucked.

So here i sit...icing my knee, waiting for someone to tell me the secret!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

He Died. Sheldon died. Mom called me at work to tell me this. Dont I have a great mom. We took him back to the fish store...(what else are we supposed to do with a dead turtle) They gave us a new one. His name is Franklin. He looks healthier than sheldon ever did. Hopefully this one will last longer!!

I ran today. Ran for me and ran for sheldon. Just the old route i used to do that is by my work. Only like...4 or 5 km. Its kinda neat because I ran it like it was nothing. I remember when I could only run from the first block to the like 4th light post.

I am improving! Im gonna make it after all~ I was starting to doubt it because of my knees. (they have been bothering me significantly=( ) But I am gonna make it!!!

Going to talk to my science teacher friday, after they stick needles in my arm and before they ultrasound my throat =*(Im not worried yet, everythings gonna work out) and see if he is gonna do the half with me in MAY! im gonna convince him with my super power of persuasion.

Tomorrow we are doing HILLS! Hill repeats thats right. Not looking so forward to that but hte fact is that is going to be key for my speed.

Happy running all


Monday, November 13, 2006

So, I have the whole day off and guess what...I have NOTHING better to do than to sit on this computer and think. Stupid brain won't shut down for even like 6hrs. sigh.

So what do i like about running. I think it is the fact that I can go out there with not a care in the world. I like that. I go and I run and i guess, ironically i can escape reality, the reality of what I know to be my everday. Now lately it has been like these days dont end but as long as I can get in 2 or 3 runs a week I can keep hanging in there. This week my goal is 4 runs. I 25km. Its nothing yet but I will get there. Once I get 10km, I will be slowly increasing the length of my runs as well as the frequency so that in May I can run the Mississauga Half Marathon> I am also trying to convince my aunt that was going to run the marathon with me before i hurt my knee! She likes that Idea. Shes a little faster than me but for my current condition I think I am good.

Another thing that I do like is to see the improvement. I remember the first 4 km run that I did with the group it was BRUTAL! I wanted to quit but I stuck with it and look at how much I have improved!!

my turtle is sick. Everything I am reading is saying he is going to die

Sundays Lovely Run

Yesterday i had a GREAT run. It was only 1 degree celcius and i was wearing my jacket and my reflective thermal running gear. The sky was overcast, and I had forgotten my mittens. There was a slight wind also.

The route we ran was mountainous terrain. Well, that is what has been decided amoungst me and the others that I run with. It was mostly rolling hills though, nothing too serious.

I got into my grove. I just started running and I went. And what surprised me most is how strong I was on those hills. I just flew up them like they were nothing. Pretty empowering. No stitch in my neck today. Also, No gadgets. They tend to throw me off a little. I listen to much to my heart rate and not enough to my body. I am reducing my gadgetry for a while.

My breathing was ok. There was maybe 2 times that I was having trouble catching my breath, no matter how fast I tried to catch it. Ha maybe that was a bad pun. But you know it was nothing that was going to make me stop.

And what was this distance you ask...yet another PR for distance.. are you ready....DRUMROLL PLEASE

8.6km. And I know that some of you reading this are thinking that it is nothing but the fact is that it is the farthest I have ever run. And probably the fastest. My ipod thing doesnt measure distance right. So those other times are not right. I was running a 5 minute 58 second kilometer. Last weeks long run we were running 7 and a half minute kilometers according to the garmin.

Rest day today, Tomorrow I am running 9km!!!!! well I am going to try to run 9km. My knee is a little bit sore today, nothing I cant handle. Sigh* feeling really proud!=)

Happy days everyone,

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My fish died. But she left us new fish. Like 14 of them. My turtle smells. Thats all that is going on in my life...

In other news, I just ran 4km. WEll actually 4.8km. In 24.5 minutes. Thats like a minute less than i did it before.!! Im impressed if I do say so myself! Pace was about 5:12.

I took my puffer before I went just because I wanted to try it. It works wonders I did not have any issues. None at all. Well I think IM getting a chest cold because my chest was burning but all in all it was good. Next Sunday we are doing 8. THen we are doing hills. ha. Hills. Not looking forward to that im telling you!!

I wrote something. It has no name. So thats where allyou lucky people come in. I need help naming it. Keep in mind I am not a writer and you may find out that i shouldnt quit my day job but forget about all that and try to enjoy it.

It makes a good day better
and a bad one barely pass
Be them day or night
Our days they do enhance

If its cold or warm
Or full of snow and wind
We're out there pounding pavement
Its the greatest addiction

If you listen really closely
Youll notice your whole body in rythym
Your heart and lungs and outer limbs
all working together in unison

Its a really neat obsession
With improvements everday
So lets all hit the pavement
and run so far away

Ha yah...thats my peice of work. I kinda almost wrote it on my run. I met someone new. We were at the front of the pack BUT i didnt know where we were going!!

Anyways Im going to bed!
Soon! Bye guys have a good run! and I need a NAME for it!!!!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SICK!!!! So very sick. Slept last night. 15hrs. Came home from work today instead of going for my run. Dissappointed but I dont want to get super sick. I got this news letter. From the running forum. It gives you a quiz to see if you should run.

So yes it told me by the 2nd question not to run. I will feel better tomorrow. And I will take my puffer before I run. I will be fine.

I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this

Hope all is well
Back to bed for tiger
I must run tomorrow or I will go BONKERS!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh one more thing about my last run...well the one yesterday...

We went running on spring hill drive...Chris said it was flat ground.. I believed him...HA. It wasnt flat terrain it was mountainous terrain.

I got the stats. We ran 7.7km in 49 minutes and our pace was 6:27/km. Not what I thought it would be.

Time to clean

Sigh* Lonely Today

I have a whole day off today. Its pretty cool, I don't work anywhere. But Im a little lonely today. It kinda sucks. Theres nobody to talk to, nothing to do. I have played with my little buddy sheldon today. And I have cleaned my house and my ipod is charging. I would go for a run but my lower body is a little tired to day. Especially my calves and knees. I would normally go on the eliptical but I dont want to push it.

Sigh. working life sucks. It really does. I want to go back to school soon. I never ever thought that I would say that. I bought new yoga pants to run in today from winners...20$$ so thats not bad...

Did i mention that as of yesterday i am over half way to the halfway point of a half marathon. That is pretty exciting. My race is pretty soon. Well maybe not really soon but soon enough for me. Ill be okay thouhg...Not this thursday, but NEXT thursday we are doing hills. HILLS! Hah i dont really even know what hills do for you?

What does hill training do for you?? Ah.. This is my mantra.

"I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this"

ima go. Find something to keep me occupied. Running tomorrow..5k i think


Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Turtle//Blue fingernails

I GOT A TURTLE!!!!! Thats right, I got a turtle. His name is Sheldon. Hes a red eared slider and he is VERYYY CUTE!!! I like him alot.

I ran the longest I have EVER Run today. 7.7km. Im over halfway to the halfway point of a half marathon. Thats right.. YES! It was okay too. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I had my friends there:) And we ran and we ran and we ran. I dont remember the time or the pace but the fact is that we finished it. We were supposed to walk only 3 minutes (we were doing 10 and 1s) And we ended up walking about 5. My poor fingers turned blue. I dunno but it was a little creapy. So we walked a minute and then I was okay! 7.7!!!!! I still cant get over that ! I am soooo happy, walking on cloud nine!!!! Well maybe running.!!! The breathing was kinda tough today too but i pushed through it. My average heart rate was 85% of my MHR. Not bad not bad...

I dont know what else to say except...

I DID IT!!!!!


Friday, November 03, 2006

My newest Challenge

Oh kay, well one of the girls that I work with wants to quit smoking and get in shape and get healthy so I suggested to her to start running. She like all the others says "oh i cant do it" So I told her I would make her my challenge. She wants to eat better and be healthier and she started smoking due to stress.

I figure once she can get into it she will get addicted. Hopfeully. I will be kind of her " accountability partner"

Any suggestions? She has so much potential and I want for her to succeed. I dont want to sabbotage anything


Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am Strong, I am fit, I trained for this

I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this. I heard the person I was running with say this today. We were running up a hill in our last kilometer and there was a hill..and i said...ah a hill and she said..No hills are our friends. Just say this... I am strong, I am fit, I trained for this!! I really liked it. So I am going to start saying it. And telling everyone else to say it or find their own mantra. :)

Today I went for a run.. WELL DUH..ha well I went to go to my running class and there was a pretty boring class on injury prevention and then we ran 4 km. I REALLY enjoyed it. A lot. It was a lot of fun. It was a good run I felt like i could run another like 40 km. Well im eggaturating but really i liked todays run. One of the girls I run with, Kathleen her boyfriend has asthma and he ran his 20th marathon on Sunday!! And I just kinda talked to him about his asthma. And we talked and he suggested taking my inhaler before a run. Apparently it works, and honestly I am willing to try anything. If it doesnt work, then it doesn't work. Doesn't hurt to try. Right...

Anyways, new gadget for Emily. She got a polar heart rate monitor. I have been having a really weird pain in my neck. ITs kinda scary actually so i got one just incase.

Anyways, I am going to go ot bed. Ihave physio in the morning

Happy days,